Talk in South Carolina: Saturday

April 13, 2015 • 10:18 am

I’m heading for South Carolina on Friday (the Greenville/Spartanburg area) to give two talks, schmooze with the local humanists, eat good southern nomz, and meet Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo. One of my two talks, on evolution, is open to the public at Furman University, and the information is below. There will be a book sale and signing of WEIT afterwards, and if you say the secret word, “manul,” you’ll get a cat drawn in your book.

The other talk, on The Albatross (soon to be in fine bookstores everwhere) is for the Piedmont Humanists, and is closed to the public.

But all are welcome at this one; the poster was designed by reader Su Gould. (Also note who’s sponsoring me):

COYNE fb ad Furman 1.2

15 thoughts on “Talk in South Carolina: Saturday

  1. As you do more talks and answer more questions, do you ever get the sense that you might do a revised edition of WEIT? Are there questions you get that you don’t address in the book or questions you might answer differently now?

    Anyway, I’d be up for buying a revised copy.

  2. Bummer! I will be at the other end of the state this weekend looking at the prehistoric whale skeleton collection at the Charleston Museum. At least my adopted state is getting a good education. Not holding my breath to see how much sticks.

  3. I’m having trouble parsing “Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service”. Are cats lovers denied rescue service? Is Bird Lovers the only rescue service in Duncan, SC? Is service the only thing that bird lovers rescue?

    1. My cats love birds more than Society members do, I’d wager. Though the only thing that they are rescuing any birds from is death at the hands of someone else’s cat.

  4. The animal illustrations on the poster are great, but I was assuming that the Furman mascot was a tiger (though Furman Gorillas would be more amusing). Not so – they’re the Paladins, apparently.

    1. Furman did their own advertising. The poster was done by Bird Lovers only. The Tiger was there because… JAC especially loves tigers. Same for the cat. And the fruit flies. (Look closel…)

      1. If you’re ever out of syrup of ipecac, pick up a copy of Bob Jones U’s dictionary. Their definition of the word evolution (I’m going from memory here, so it’s not the ipsissima verba) reads “The idea that everything gets better and then keeps on getting better.”

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