Tuesday: Hili dialogue

March 31, 2015 • 4:27 am

Tuesday’s Cat is full of mice.  But today in Dobrzyn, Hili and Cyrus are secretly planning to purloin some beef.  Their conversation shows the difference between cats and d*gs:

Cyrus: There is a piece of beef in the fridge.
Hili: When they open the fridge to take something out, I’ll jump inside.
Cyrus: No, we have to prevail on their better nature and get them to act.

P1020443 In Polish:

Cyrus: W lodówce jest wołowina.
Hili: Jak będą coś wyjmować, to ja tam wskoczę.
Cyrusa: Nie, trzeba zmiękczyć ich serca i zmusić ich do czynu.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. I had a Labrador retriever who would stick her face inside the fridge just about every time I opened the door. I learned not to keep anything tempting on the shelf that was at nose level.

  2. In this case Cyrus has shown the most intelligence; doing it Hili’s way could end up with a suffocated or pretty cold cat if she failed to exit the fridge before her staff closed the door.

    1. No; it just shows that Hili has more daring as well as confidence in her abilities. No doubt she’d pull it off with plenty of flair and élan should she attempt it.


  3. You know your household equilibrium is falling to pieces when the pets whisper and conspire behind your back.

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