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  1. I hope this doesn’t sound prejudice but as a black man, I’m always surprised that another person of color could ever sign on to this kind of bill. I look at this photo and see this very dark skin black women and find my self saying ” doesn’t she not know that only a few years ago this same religious believe held us in chains?”

    Then there is the white women standing there. Really????? these are the same men not that many years ago would not allow you to even vote, or anything else that was not in sub servitude to their own desires.

    To the black woman. When you show up at the first store that has decided you shouldn’t use their bathroom because God forbid your color rubs off onto the seat…..and for religious reason there should be no mixing of the races……Don’t expect me to march against water hoses.

    Really……I’m ashamed to say I actually live in Indiana. Moving soon.

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