Jerry Coyne the Cat has become one

December 31, 2014 • 2:00 pm

Yes, it’s almost the first birthday of Jerry Coyne the Cat, an orange tabby male found abandoned as a tiny kitten inΒ a cardboard box in a petrol station in New Zealand. Thanks to the diligence and kindness of Gayle Ferguson, Jerry and His Four Sisters were saved and all adopted out. Let’s remember what Jerry looked like when he was young:

Kitten Jerry

And now that he is one, when he has just begun:



Gayle is currently rearing a second brood of foundlings now, though I couldn’t importune her to name the gorgeous male (a cream tabby) “Jerry Coyne the Cat Jr.” He is, instead, called Monty.

52 thoughts on “Jerry Coyne the Cat has become one

  1. A beautiful kitteh, and clearly well looked after! Ginger cats have always been favourites in my family, although for a while I was owned by a cat called Fang who looked just like Hili. Jerry resembles one called April – she was a great tree climber too.

    NZers have the highest cat ownership per head of population in the world. We’re a moggy-loving nation. πŸ™‚

    1. I didn’t know that. Very unfortunate for an isolated archipelago whose apex fauna for billennia were birds, several species of which adapted to predator-freedom by becoming flightless and fearless. What’s mainly endangering the kiwi, however, is d*gs.

  2. I am soooo sad to be catless. First time since 1980 (and then only for a month or so). Will probably be hitting the Humane Society next week to try to find maybe a sibling pair…Not sure how slightly elderly Currie-the-Pooch will take to kittens scampering all over her. It’s a dog’s life:-(

    1. Your loss was so sad, but the prospect of rescuing new little lives is a happy legacy. You’ll have to keep us updated.

      I suspect Currie will take everything in stride. πŸ™‚

      1. We lost one of our rescue cats last month, Cody, hit by a car after 11 happy years prowling the neighborhood. We wondered how his older brother would adapt, since he has been sleeping on top of Cody since the day my wife brought Cody home. Apparently he has found an acceptable replacement for resting his 14 lb body: my wife’s head.

        They adapt! As do we … eventually!

        1. So sorry for your loss to, MOOT. But that’s a sweet resolution for the older brother…if not so much for your wife. πŸ™‚

          1. I hate it when you see stuff like that “to” just after you click “post,” and can’t do a damn thing about it.

            1. We’re all naked in the eyes of the collective.*

              Cue Tom Cruise bouncing off the furniture blabbering about the next level.

        2. Freddie used to sleep right by my head, but the cat I had in college would sleep on my long hair, which made it hard to turn over. I assume your cat sleeps on the pillow above your wife’s head?
          @Diane: will keep you posted on any new felines:-). Still find myself calling out to the “gone” one…

          1. I dread the day. Monty doesn’t spend a lot of time showing affection, but when the mood catches him he’s all puddy.

            I’ll definetly miss all the little quirks and habbits he’s instilled in me after he’s gone.

            And since it’s 10 past 12 here and the rockets are a poppin’, Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

              1. Japanese, I think.

                Which reminds me to check out the asian import store for some sake next I’m in the city.

          2. About half on the pillow and half on her head – my wife sleeps face-down mostly. If she shoos him away, he crouches on her back, purring and drooling in her ear. We also have to hide our hands or else he roots his head under them to get skritched.

            I neglected to mention: we are shopping for a new pillow-cat for him.

  3. He was just the MOST adorable kitten I have seen, and then grew to be just ridiculously handsome! He is real looker, and I bet he has charm to match. What a treat to see these. Thank you.

      1. Erm…y’all do know, don’t you, that the “tree” is a carpeted scratching post, and the “insect” is a cluster of carpet fiber that’s been pulled out?

        …just making sure….


  4. Instructive to scroll back & forth between the first & last pictures noting the nature of the changes.

    What a success story! A New Year’s Toast to both Jerrys!

  5. I’m glad little Jerry grew into his big eyes!

    He’s quite a striking cat, and this is coming from a d*g person.

  6. Jerry Coyne the cat looks a lot like our Bumper but maybe a little more hair. Ginger Tabby

    3 1/2 years old 14 pounds of tiger.

    1. I read the headline correctly, wording-wise, but then I thought, “If he’s just become one [i.e. a cat], what was he before?”

      Headlines are notoriously susceptible to this sort of thing.

      1. I read it as one with something that would be revealed in the text. I thought that perhaps Felid Jerry had become enlightened.

        1. As Ben has already so rightly noted, the “with something” part is entirely superfluous. No, Felid Jerry, having matured out of kittenhood, has become G*d.

    1. awwwww, such lovely kitties. Love the name gutterkitties, too. I’d take them all, but I just adopted two from our local Humane Society on Saturday. When I can get them to stand still enough I’ll send photos.

        1. Thanks, Jesper. We’re leaving them “at large” tonight for the first time. Let’s hope the house survives. Think I’ll close the bedroom door for a few more nights so that Poochie can catch some winks without being pounced upon.

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