Who’s the boss?

December 21, 2014 • 3:30 pm

We’ll close out the weekend with two funny cat videos.

Some cats behave not just like royalty, but very entitled royalty who view humans as mere utilities.

And yet they are bashful when faced down by critters a quarter of their size.

Perhaps they are firm believers in “Four legs good, two legs servant”

h/t: Dom

38 thoughts on “Who’s the boss?

    1. She’s amazingly adept at keeping both those towels in place. I’m sure I could never do the turban style tight enough to withstand a passenger.

      1. I’m sure I could never tie a turban, period. Let alone something that would stay on my head if I tipped it even slightly, and certainly not if Baihu was perched atop it.

        Besides, if I lean over with Baihu on my shoulders, he generally moves onto my back…and then jumps off when I stand up again. And when he instead does climb back up on my shoulders, he generally needs full claw extension for traction….


        1. The amount of Baihu scratching you allude to would probably be more than I could stand. Sounds like he indeed ended up with the right staffperson.

          1. A fleece jacket works pretty well. Gives the kitty a good grip, and the claws tend not to penetrate. Won’t help your head, though. 😮

            1. An interesting thought…but, alas, for most of the year, fleece is intolerably hot. Indeed, I suspect there might not actually be any fleece anywhere in the Valley of the Sun….


      2. As a male with long hair, I learned through trial and error my own turban-style tie – and I am absolutely certain I’d need to teach myself an entirely new tie if I had a cat doing that, because my current one sucks enough without the extra weight on top. 😉

        1. My wife and daughters use hair towels designed especially for becoming turbans. They are made of highly-absorbent microfiber material, which one wraps burrito-style around the hair. The turban is secured by button at the end of the wrap slipped into a loop on the back of the head. Recommend for hair drying; have not had a chance to test it for cat-proofedness.

              1. Perfect — two for one!

                All things considered, I’d much rather know where the cat is than where the towel is. If nothing else, cats make much better emergency towels than towels do emergency cats….


    1. Adorable regardless, though I’ll admit I spent half the video worrying that the cat might fall through the ice at some point and it’d turn from cute to horrible more quickly than my drunken mind could handle…

  1. Our cat is driving us crazy.She knocked down the Christmas tree getting some presents wet.Think i could type this with her in the room no way had to close the door,keepin her out.Still very funny and cute most of the time.

    1. All people who caught the Animal Farm reference are equal, but some are more equal than others.
      Is that George’s, Bob’s, or Bodil’s Animal Farm?

  2. I’m wanting to see how the first video-cat performs the dismount. With style and grace is a given, but also a triple-back somersault, perhaps?

  3. My cat will perch on my shoulder with her paws over my back and her hind legs on my bewbs. Doesn’t matter where I am. Its her way or the highway.

  4. My niece was staff for Comet – who would run to RaTzo’s cage when she got home from school. Upon being freed, RaTzo would scurry up on Comet’s back & they would be off to terrorize any other inhabitants of the house. (RaTzo’s successor – DirTy Dirk simply had no taste for proper friends.)

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