Monday: Hili dialogue

December 8, 2014 • 3:40 am

A new week, and my last in the U.S. until the New Year! Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, the ever widening Hili rebukes Andrzej for making a suggestion about noms:

Hili: In the wake of half-global cooling, mice have all hidden in burrows.
A: So, become a vegetarian.
Hili: Begone, foul fiend.
In Polish:
Hili: W związku z półglobalnym ochłodzeniem wszystkie myszki pochowały się w norkach.
Ja: To przejdź na wegetarianizm.
Hili: Zgiń, przepadnij maro nieczysta.

10 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

      1. Oh yes, the head-butting Arctic foxes of a few days ago. This is a good but non-Arctic fox. Hmmm, but the section from the Saturday programme seems missing from YouTube et al. It was about 4-6minutes into “Life Story” Ep2/6 – a series of “fox fails”.

      2. Dominic–I first read your sentence as “If it snows mice . . .” I liked the image of mice coming down like snowflakes, and I’m sure cats would too.

    1. I am now regretting having Googled for “my Ouija board has Tourette’s [Syndrome]”. I’m not quite sure why I’m regretting it, since it confirms many well-confirmed prejudices. But I still feel regret for inflicting that garbage on my internet connection.
      Perhaps I should stick to tiggers?

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