23 thoughts on “Cat versus lemon

  1. I suspect there’s some sort of treat or other food under the saucer. Just look at it clawing at the bottom, and also sniffing the floor in the third minute roughly. As if the saucer leaves a scent behind when it pushes it.

    1. I think you are right about the treat. She wants something under the bowl and might even have played the flip the bowl for a treat game before. I think this is a test to see if her desire for the treat can make her overcome her disgust at the lemon. I am sure she knows how to tip the bowl, but she doesn’t want to touch the lemon.

      1. Don’t think so. Can’t think out the grammar’n’stuff, but e.g. “the lemon smote” – it hit something or someone (very odd, they’re usually quite passive), “the lemon was smitten”- something or someone hit it.

      1. Yes, it is. They have many variations, some that can customized and combined, like a train track set. (And they’re real dust/dead bug magnets.)

  2. Actually, I believe the proper wording would be “the citrus must be *smitten*” Sorry. I’m a retired editor. Love your blog, Jerry.

  3. Once I was cutting up an onion and my young cat jumped up onto the counter, intensely interested in what I was doing: she kept getting in the way trying to check out the onion so I finally held a piece of it up to her nose, whereupon she immediately tore the back of my hand open with her dewclaw!

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