32 thoughts on “A tw**t to the Yale Muslim Students’ Association

  1. Ha! Spot on.

    Pretty insulting and silly of various Islamic student groups to argue that an educated and articulate Muslim who has been the victim of Islamic practices and who’s life is continuously in danger of credible assaination threats by Musims not be allowed to speak on the issue of the danger of Islam for lack of a PhD.

      1. There is an old Belfast joke about the man stopped at a roadblock and asked his religion. When he replies that he is an atheist he is asked, “Protestant or Catholic atheist?” (Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great, 2007)

      2. He likes holidays and his Muslim friends. Like I enjoy Christmas trees and my Xtian friends. I don’t call myself a “Christian atheist”, though. Minor difference, though.

      3. He explains it in his (excellent) article. “I’m not a believer, but I love Eid, the feasts of Ramadan and my Muslim family and friends.” Similar to saying that you’re a “cultural Jew”.

        I suppose in a sense it could be confusing in the context of trying to convince people that Islam is a set of ideas, not something you’re born with, so that “Islamophobia”, if it means criticism of ideas, is not prejudice. But on the other hand, maybe the unusual term “atheist Muslim” underlines the fact that one can choose to embrace the good aspects of Islamic culture and teaching whilst rejecting the bad ideas. On balance, I like it.

        1. Maybe “cultural Jew” seems more logical to me because there are so many of them. Jews don’t execute people who leave their religion, so they tend to multiply. Traditionally, there haven’t been too many “cultural muslims” because the penalty is rather steep. Even in places like the US, where they aren’t (hopefully) executed or imprisoned, they are shunned by their communities and are not accepted as “cultural muslims” by other muslims.

      4. Yes probably like an atheist Jew. Ie just a cultural Muslim. However I don’t call myself an atheist Jain. I want just to enjoy the best of culture everywhere. I don’t want to restrict myself in any ghetto.

          1. That’s not true. All Jains believe in god but it’s not an Allah type of god, more “ground of being” type. And they definitely think morality comes from god.

            1. I am not sure what modern lay Jains believe, but the rejection of any kind of creator deity (including the law-giver kind in Islam or Christainity, or the “ground of all being” kind in certain sects of Hinduism) seems to be a core tenet of orthodox Jainism. Wikipedia even has a whole article on the topic, which also quotes the famous argument against God of the Jain philosopher Jinasena.

              So I am not sure you are portraying Jain beliefs correctly when you say “they definitely think morality comes from god.”

  2. The Muslim Students Association has got some chutzpah complaining about the ‘hate speech’ of AHA when they promote a bigoted, hateful Salafi called Yasir Qadhi

    Here he is being promoted by them


    Yasir Qadhi is also a student at Yale.


    Here is Yasir Qadhi describing Jews as ‘hook nosed’ and saying that the Holocaust was a hoax


    Here he is calling Jews and Christians ‘filthy’ and frothing at the mouth in hatred


    He is a leading Salafi Muslim preaching hateful fundamentalist Islam, yet the Muslim Students Association seem to have no problem with his rhetoric of hate and bigotry.

    It seems that he has subsequently apologised for his hate and bigotry, presumably they would say this lets him off the hook. But he is absolutely intrinsic to Yale Muslim Students Association. This hypocrisy is so sickening. Yasir Qadhi should be forgiven for his past hate speech, but AHA should be hounded because of some statements in the past? As for the Yale Humanist Association, can someone ask them for their opinion on the bigot and hateful Salafi Yasir Qadhi, or is that being ‘provocative’ and not ‘constructive’?

  3. I’d expect this level of hypocrisy from a Muslim group. It’s the atheists and agnostics association at the university that disgusts me.

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