19 thoughts on “How the Bible came to be

  1. That Jesus! He got his clientele pegged. They were cheap hearers, always starting off on the wrong foot.

      1. ROTFL!
        Have you heard the one about the mohel’s wallet?
        If Jesus copied that scenario, the boots could be made for small children and allowed to grow with them, just by rubbing them the right way!

  2. His mom, Mary, was the region’s version of a working girl and had a real innocent air about her. And he made a really messy fish-and-bread meal that was so spicy it could raise the dead!


  3. This is exactly what drove the “Blessed are the Cheesemakers” scence from The Life of Brian. John Cleese talked about it in an interview, saying that they wanted to make a joke about Matthew not having written down the sermon on the mount until 30 years after Jesus reportedly made it. Perhaps he got a couple of things mixed up.

  4. “…this never could have been published anywhere when I was a kid…”

    The Soviet Union
    The People’s Republic of China
    North Korea
    East Germany

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