Sunday: Hili dialogue

August 24, 2014 • 2:56 am
Hili is showing some uncharacteristic intellectual curiosity (and Andrzej makes a pun). At any rate, do read about the Phaistos Disc (here, and here, for example), as 1) you won’t know what Hili is talking about otherwise, and 2) it’s a really cool archaeological mystery.
Hili: I’m looking at a copy of the Phaistos Disc, and I wonder how people started to write.
A. It was possibly a forgery, but it says that people started to write because they wanted to know what they could count on.
In Polish:
Hili: Patrzę na tę kopię Dysku z Fajstos i zastanawiam się jak ludzie zaczęli pisać?
Ja: To była prawdopodobnie fałszywka, ale dobrze opowiada o tym, że ludzie zaczęli pisać, bo chcieli wiedzieć na co liczyć.


12 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. I have a copy of the Phaistos disc which I inherited from my father. My sister and I used to ‘translate’ it: usually rudely according to family history.

  2. I won’t be deciphering it – I don’t even get the pun!

    (Will someone explain it for this geologist? I found the articles at both links really interesting, but other than the analysis, I see no references to counting.)

    1. It’s thought that the earliest writing systems were invented by accountants for bookkeeping purposes.

      1. For a certainty, many of the earliest written documents are lists of items, inventories, etc, and more so than was generally expected before translations became available.
        Whether that was the initial purpose of inventing writing is a separate, and much more difficult, question.

        1. PS – geologist here to. I was taking a photo of some nice laterites earlier, while trying to et the damned WiFi working. And now it’s time to try to get to the canteen without getting trampled by an elephant or nibbled by a croc.

  3. Oh those crazy Minoans and their secret languages.

    It would be funny if it were just some kid’s stamps he/she was trying out.

  4. Writing started in Fertile Crescent and first letter Alfa is connected to a bull head. Hieroglyphes have many signs like fish, grain etc. It all started with counting what we’ve got and developed to information what we (the kings) can take away from whom. Signs on the Disk clearly refer to harvest.

    1. Writing started in Fertile Crescent and first letter Alfa is connected to a bull head.

      Sounds like a lot of bull to me.

      …er…sorry…couldn’t resist….


  5. One thing I read suggested that the words spiral inwards from the edge, and perhaps that is known from other examples. But if I were stamping (or writing) onto wet clay, I think I would start with the MIDDLE of the spiral to make sure the clay is big enough for what I wanted to say. I can imagine a frustrated scribe running out of space….

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