48 thoughts on “Pareiodolia

      1. I immediately thought the same thing, but it escaped me how to clean it up enough to post. Good job!

      2. You’re saying He might just be happy to see us? Well He promised no more Great Floods but he never said anything about gunfights.

  1. In the second photo, god obviously got up on the wrong side of the cloud.

    …or maybe it got tired of airplanes buzzing around so it expressed in its own inimitable way the gist of the Rolling Stones’ song, Hey you, get off of my cloud!

  2. God up in the clouds? Mere transitory phenomena! For a permanent call to piety and prayer, go to
    There you will find the image in the form of a a hanging schoolroom poster map that I have meditated or fantasized over countless times. It is a robed monk, kneeling and holding out his hands toward the east in prayer and supplication. I never tried to ignore what was hanging out from the front of his robe.

  3. Is the second one an example of god inadvertently expressing his Pinocchio genes while reading the bible?

    1. I finally saw this on a full sized screen- l interpreted it very differently than I did as a small pic on my phone this morning. And that in itself adds questions on perception…

  4. I see Heracles in the first one, but then again I’m not ready to give up the old gods yet.

    The second one, as more cleverly implied by another commenter, looks like a Dalek.

  5. I think I see “photoshopping” in the second photograph. We don’t have the entire photograph, but there are elements of the background clouds which appear as fingers and thumb. For some reason it reminds me of the famous/notorious picture of a cloud-Jesus embracing a flight of WW II bombers ca. 1943-44, way back in the pre-photoshopping days

    1. ca. 1943-44, way back in the pre-photoshopping days

      Pre-photoshopping? Sorry, but people have ben manipulating photos for a lot longer than PhotoShop has existed. I’ve been manipulating photos for a lot longer (a decade or so) than PhotoShop has existed.

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