11 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

  1. Too early in am for bad Polish pun. Don’t believe bitch transmutes (or should it be translates) well. We both need some melatonin.

        1. I know. But we seldom use it as a slur anymore. Here it’s commonly accepted as the correct term without too much baggage.

          I’ve even heard some people call it “huntæve” which translates to she-bitch.

          Funny thing language. When we refer to someone as a dog without knowing the sex we automatically presume male.

          So should we change the term or keep it?

  2. Hili: Do you think Jerry gets jealous when he sees us together?
    Cyrus: I’ll just go over here and pretend to sniff a bitch so his feelings don’t get hurt.

  3. I don’t get it.

    Oh well, I generally enjoy Hili’s letters.
    Often my honey overhears me laughing, and calls out “Is that Hili?”

  4. Oh well, they are very good friends now, but Hili doesn’t allways understands his constant sniffing. When he has a company of a female cat, why should he sniff after a female dog? Incomprehensible.

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