Here’s the nightjar!

August 18, 2014 • 4:14 am

JAC: Many readers spotted the nightjar in yesterday’s post. Either it was too obvious, or you’re getting better. Here’s Matthew’s answer:

by Matthew Cobb

Jolyon Troscianko of the University of Exeter, whose great web-site was the source of the photo of the fiery-necked nightjar, also helpfully provides this highlighted version of the photo:


c5b808fdc8-images-Nightjars-Nightjar in Leaves highlighted

Here’s the original again:


9 thoughts on “Here’s the nightjar!

  1. I only found it with the help of a public-spirited hint. I had no chance otherwise. The nightjars’ honour is safe.

  2. Just unbelievable. I both saw it and didn’t at the same time. (I had the location right but the actual outline wrong.)

    1. I agree. It’s clearly a crab. Or an invention by the person who posted it. Could have said anything, and who could disprove it?

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