Here are the crabs. . . I think

August 16, 2014 • 9:32 am

by Matthew Cobb

Here are four crabs from the spot-the-crabs-post (circled). As I said, I wasn’t sure where they all were. I’m not entirely confident of the one in the middle on the left…

And there are probably more! Here’s a very confident set of spottings from reader Heather Hastie on the comments of the original post, who also reveals the source of her skills in an idyllic childhood…

1, 2, 3. One top left corner, one just below it, one between them but more to right (front pincers and front of body only peeking out).

4. Centre right. (This is the easiest to see.)

5,6, 7. There are three on same level as the one above on the other side of the tank, but all are mostly between the rocks with just some legs and partial body visible.

8. Bottom left.
I found two more at one point, but I can’t find them again to describe. (Perhaps they moved!:-)) Blame a childhood at the beach; I loved searching the rock pools.


8 thoughts on “Here are the crabs. . . I think

  1. I got the one at the top and the one on the right. I wasn’t sure about the spot at the bottom left. The others, nope.

  2. 0 out of 4 and still can’t see the one in the middle.

    Maybe it’s time to up the strength of the ol’ lenses.

  3. I got those too, but there might be a couple young ones partially hidden between rocks, such as below the white rock that seems to have the number 17 on it. I also see a couple more, along the glass on the left: between the two top red circles (could be dead), and just left of the other one you circled, bottom left. Could be just rocks though.

  4. No wonder I couldn’t spot anything.

    Time to schedule another visit with the optometrist. Or else to see about hooking my laptop up to my 32″ flatscreen.

  5. I’ll take your word for because I am a trusting soul, but they still look like rocks to me. The nightjars could take lessons!

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