Saturday: Hili dialogue

August 9, 2014 • 2:54 am

I’m told that a moment after this picture was snapped, Hili smacked Cyrus with her paw and drove him off the couch. It’s a d*g’s life!

Cyrus: You see, we can lie here together.
Hili: Actually, no, but I will allow you to use your sofa when neither I myself nor Jerry is on it.


In Polish:

Cyrus: Widzisz, możemy tu razem leżeć.
Hili: Nie, ale pozwalam ci korzystać z twojej sofy, kiedy nie ma na niej ani mnie, ani Jerrego.

17 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. I have been unable to like or comment on blogs for ages – have now fixed the problem. I love the Hili dialogues, love the interactions twixt cat & hound. Really enjoyed your trip to Poland and hope the albatross was kind to you on your return.
    Thank you for all your posts 🙂

  2. Perfect cat logic.

    Many’s the time I found the cat in the dog basket and the dog, a German Shepherd, trying very hard to fit into the cat basket. And they were the best of friends.

    1. I’m staying with friends whose two black catz answer (in German) to “Basket Cat” and “Upstairs Under-Cat”. Unfortunately both have advanced camera detectors. Which I shall have to try to outwit.

          1. When it comes to basket cats, I’m a basket case. It’s a cat! In a basket!

            Black cats are gorgeous. Could also be why you so often have trouble seeing this particular one…they’re even better at not being seen than average. But not quite as good as Baihu, of course….


              1. Being the Napoleon of Crime is “wrong”?
                How so? Particularly if one is never there? (It’s the Schrodinger bloodline, again.)

              1. [music]Don’t blame it on the sunshine (hah!)
                Don’t blame it on the moonlight (hah!, again)
                Don’t blame it on the good times.
                Blame it on the Bowmore!

  3. You can tell Cyrus knew he was going to get smacked because he’s got those “WTF” worried ears.

  4. Probably not the worst thing in the world for Hili to begin to assert some dominance over Cyrus. Even the best d*g still needs to be reminded of his place every now and again….


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