Readers’ wildlife photos

August 9, 2014 • 3:59 am

I have a backlog of readers’ photos, so other people who have sent in photos are in the queue. And there are some good ones to come.

Reader Diana MacPherson sent a blue jay, and, as always, speculated about the animal’s mood:

This cute, fluffy fellow (Cyanocitta cristata) stopped by, only to be disappointed that the chipmunk had hoovered up all the extra seeds left on the deck.


From reader Stephen Barnard in Idaho, who is busy photographing hummingbirds and nighthawks, we get “Rufous in repose”:


“Yet another rufous”:


This one was labeled “Hummer attack,” with the note,

People were speculating in the comments about a hummingbird attack, à la Hitchcock’s The Birds. Be afraid. Be very afraid. They’re practicing.

Those tiny feet look like they could inflict some damage!


And one called simply “Yet another nighthawk”. This one looks hungry.



10 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. Yes, I’ve seen the little monsters spear one another. They are more calm now as I suspect they are finished mating. No more male displays of dive bombings with metallic tweets.

      1. In reference to the blue jay. We have had a couple who have slowly come to figure out that we are not here to eat them. But their three kids grew up on the back porch and have been a whole lot of fun watching them fly up together just for a good time. They will now perch just on the other side of the window where one feeder is and ignore us completely while gorging on shelled sunflower seeds. The hummingbirds are going into their late summer crazy time when the name of every game is pursuit, and who can be more intimidating. We figure all the racing around is preparation for the long trip south.

  1. Where in the world do nighthawks fly in broad daylight so people can get such amazing photos of these gorgeous birds? I’m so envious.

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