Wednesday: Hili dialogue

July 16, 2014 • 3:10 am

O. . . M. . . G.

Cyrus: I love you boundlessly.
Hili: I love you too but I’m more economical with the words.


In Polish:

Cyrus: Kocham cię bez granic.
Hili: Ja ciebie też, ale oszczędniej używam języka.

So I have to be jealous of Cyrus now? This is just so wrong. 

28 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

      1. They are quite capable of being affectionate and appreciating affection, they just aren’t as good at being demonstrative as their canid cousins are.

        1. “What is it like to be a cat?” We don’t know. For all we know, they don’t feel real affection the way we do, but are simply going through the motions to get what they want (food and noms). Some peoople I’ve known are like that!

          I am feeling cynical today!

          1. All I have is anecdotal evidence. But after having experienced a cat welcoming me after my absence of several years, I think they do.

          2. That might have explained Baihu’s attempts to get my attention an hour ago before his breakfast, but not the way he’s sleeping, wrapped ’round my arm, right now….


          3. Are there sociopathic animals? One has to wonder but I suspect many do receive pleasure from human companionship irrespective of reward — at least the more social animals like cats and dogs. Not spiders though; fuck those sociopathic scary bastards! 😀

  1. Also perhaps one day, Hili and Fitness, the black cat, can finally reconcile to become friends or at least tolerate each other.

  2. Aw, what an achievement! Kudos to A & M for having the patience and know-how to work through this. Far too many animals get returned more or less instantly to the shelter my daughter works at, for being “incompatible” with another pet.

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