24 thoughts on “Nipped out

  1. What is that stuck in his fur? I thought it might have been a dried leaf of catnip, but it looks more like some kind of giant flagella waving protozoa.

    1. I have catnip as well and the only thing saving it right now is that it is just a little bit farther away than Gus’ leash will allow him to go. He’s mad for it.

  2. my little dude can’t get enough of catnip. there are several toys around my place that have catnip in them. i get a kick out of his casual strolls through the living room being interrupted by said toys.

  3. It’s legal* in my state! :).

    *Until the next election of a “small government” conservative who will ironically decide to send the DEA to clamp down on it in a effort to enforce federal law.

    1. Three cats. Two of them aren’t at all interested in catnip. The third one… is a junkie.

      She gets into catnip and runs around the house for hours – chasing spiders that only she can see.

      The other two look at her like she is out of her mind and they need to stage an intervention.

    1. Dope would be legal (for some) if a religion claimed it was essential for their practices…

      … as Rastafarianism has done, man.
      It’s one of the basic reasons for distrust between Rastas and Babylon (the police).

      1. My friends and I tried Rastafarianism in high school. Although our interpretation of it consisted mostly of poor quality, overpriced marijuana and Bob Marley records, which were also overpriced since we bought them at Peaches in the mall.

  4. This made me wonder about the genetics of catnip response.
    The 1962 paper on the topic seems to be paywalled (anyone know of an un-paywalled copy?), but this link does address the dominance of catnip response (it’s a dominant gene) and whether it’s sex-linked (it’s not). Not being a geneticist, it was useful to me to be walked through how to read pedigrees like this.

    1. Todd (1962) is only 3 pages and the pedigree diagram and much of the text in your free link is taken from the paper. But if you still want a copy, track me down via [small madtsoiid genus] at gmail.

      1. Huh?
        Oh, hang on … snakey-things from Oz? Smallest genus. I’ll give the W one a try, guessing that you mean letter-count.
        There’s a contact address in the abstract for Nature 439 (7078): 839–842 that Ill try too.

  5. I think he’s saying “Duuuude, the walls are fucking BROWN!”*

    *I used that quote around here recently, I know, but it always makes me chuckle. 🙂

  6. The interesting question to me is what *is* the equivalent for humans? Can’t be the Rastafarian sacrament, because from what I understand that would make one mellow, not act as a stimulant like catnip. Of course this is an analogy problem, so there’s lots of leeway.

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