Seven kittens react in unison

July 10, 2014 • 1:37 pm

When I first saw this video, I thought it had been edited as a loop, but now I’m pretty sure it’s a single cut. It’s clearly the Ultimate Kitten Squee, and thanks to the many readers who sent a link.

Video notes: Kittens born April 10, 2014—GC Triskel Naomi Sun X GC Celtic Cats Helios of Triskel.

I guess it means they’re pedigreed, though I don’t know what breed. But who cares? They’re SEVEN KITTENS!

30 thoughts on “Seven kittens react in unison

  1. AWW… They look like a litter of Maine Coon kittens, but I could be wrong. Breeders want consistent results so… it’s basically working according to plan! They’re like little clones, and probably disturbingly inbred.

    1. No, we’re seeing kitten in the crystalline state responding to a varying electromagnetic field. Correlated kinematics are to be expected.

      I’d really like to see kitten in a superfluid state. Individual kitties are fermions, of course, but bosonic pairs can probably form in a large enough assemblage.

      1. Chan thought he had a handle on massive macroscopic entanglement too:

        but retracted. Coherence in macroscopic objects is the chief interest of this (once philosopher turned theorist) fellow:

        Search online for anything Leggett has written and it will provide you with insight into what it is like when you spend the majority of your life thinking about quantum mechanics.

  2. Feeeelids, nothing more than feeeeelids… whoah whoah woah down in my hearrrrt. Something, something, something else, feeeelids. [Sorry Morris.]

  3. Ontogeny of predatory behaviour! They almost can’t help themselves. Particularly like the raised paws ready to bat at the toy flying by.

    1. Of course they can help themselves! Seven kittens exercising their free will, coincidently in unison.

  4. The poster of the vid also attached this, rather naive, statement: This video is protected from re-use.

    Someone in the comments points out: “If you think stamping it with MINE on the internet works…. well you clearly are new here”, and another one: “Yeah, even IF the poster makes any money of this vid, it won’t be that much. There are millions of funny, cute clips on the internet. Which, of course, the overwhelming majority are of cats.”

    Then comes the threadwinning reply: “But if the cats lawyer up, things could get costly.”

  5. Years ago a cot of mine had a litter of five kittens..When they were about this age they were all on a couch and I rolled a marble along the floor. They all watched it together. I thought I was watching the crowd at Ascot in My Fair Lady..

  6. This is one of my favorites… My 3 year old used to laugh for hours over these dancing kitties.

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