Sunday: Hili dialogue

July 6, 2014 • 2:51 am

Hili and Cyrus are becoming more able to tolerate each other, though Hili is still fearful of being nommed.

Hili: The devil’s not so black as he is painted.
Cyrus: You and I have common ancestors.
Hili: But we still do not know whether they were cannibals.
In Polish:

Hili: Nie taki diabeł straszny jak go malują.
Cyrus: Mamy wspólnych przodków.
Hili: Ale nadal nie wiemy, czy nie byli kanibalami.

2 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. Indeed, Hili; you and Cyrus have a common great-great-great…great-grandparent who lived about 55 million years ago. Another 40 million years back, you and I had an even greater great…great-grandparent. But it was only about six million years ago that your common great…parents with the mountain lion lived, about the same time as my common parents with a chimpanzee lived.

    …but, even if Cyrus’s family comes from the cannibal side of the tree, I do not think he’ll be reverting within his lifetime. Indeed, I suspect he’d make a fantastic bodyguard, if you’ll let him….


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