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  1. A comment from under the gocomics ‘toon of this one of Mr Parisi’s for this day ( @ gocomics ) is especial !

    by ” orinoco womble GoComics PRO Member said, 14 days ago:

    It’s interesting that cats don’t get a single mention in the Bible. Lions, yes. Cats, no. Which is odd considering how important they were in Egypt and surrounding agricultural nations. ”

    Rather telling I say, not ?

  2. ‘nd the doctor’s prescription reminds me of the saga of the Anderson House, an 1860s – flavor roadhouse of Wabasha, Minnesota, right on the Mississippi River — to where I have been: a guest, noted by the bed and breakfast’s clerk as so, so sad decades ago – upon his checking in for the night, offered up to him the house kitteh – for his comfort for that night.

    Thus was born from then on for the Gunsmoke – style’s Ms Kitty’s Roadhouse: its cattery.


    Instead of chocolates on one’s pillow or terry robes behind the bath’s door, any guest for any night thereafter could go to its cattery and select for her or his comfort for the night any of the remaining ~25 kitties then and there placed !

    The story for your wee kiddos and grandkiddos is on video here:


    Lovely story. Lovely place.

  3. Reminds me of a line of Bill Cosby’s Noah routine,”He had to keep telling the rabbits, only two, only two.”

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