Evolution bananas this time!

June 22, 2014 • 1:23 pm

Remember the creationist outside the Evolution meetings who handed out bananas with Bible verses on them yesterday? My ex-student Mohamed Noor (president of the Society), decided to respond by making evolution bananas, which were placed in the fruit bowl at the meetings. The Society issued an official tw**t:

Picture 1

Those of you who have studied evolution will recognize the gospels. I hope there was a Coyne and Orr 1989 (or 2004) and that somebody snatched it up. If those aren’t part of the canonical Gospels of Noor, I disown him.

16 thoughts on “Evolution bananas this time!

    1. I’ve taken quite a few Coursera courses and Your Intro to Genetics and Evolution is still the best one by a country mile. I still have a look through the lecture videos now and then just for fun. Many thanks!!

  1. No direct mention of bananas in the Bible. There may, however, be a reference: “For where two or three bunch together in my name, I am there among them.” – Matthew 18:20. There are also no jokes.

    1. There are some funny bits about Abraham (pimping his wife, maybe not so funny for her), and the J creation myth is pretty hilarious when properly understood. But yeah, Jewish comic writing peaked a lot later.

  2. No jokes in the Bible? More or less true, I suppose.

    I haven’t thought of this for years, but I had a Xtian friend at uni, who told me this one:

    A newly arrived vicar boasted to his congregation — “Suggest to me a topic for a sermon at the beginning of the Sunday service,and I will preach a suitable sermon on it, complete with Bible text.”

    Needless to say, two of the younger more frivolous parishioners couldn’t resist the challenge, and one Sunday handed the vicar a piece of paper inscribed “Suggested topic — Constipation”.

    The service wore on, and when the time for the sermon came, the vicar mounted the pulpit and announced “The text for today is Exodus xx:x, “And Moses took the two tablets, and went out into the wilderness.”

    I don’t know why I remembered that!

    It’s more a joke *about* the Bible, I suppose.

    Sorry that it doesn’t mention bananas.

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