18 thoughts on “Hili will be jealous. . .

  1. Hili doesn’t have one jealous bone in her body. She looked at the pictures and said: Nice kitten. And Jerry looks well. And she ran into the orchard.

  2. I would buy a Jerry Coyne the Cat coffee mug if the proceeds went to the FFRF or another worthy charity, but since that’s not an option I joined the FFRF with a $40 donation just now because it’s seemed to be the right them to do.

  3. Mmmmhh, that latte looks good. I probably would have been inspired to get myself one as well if it wasn’t so hot outside (or my office was air conditioned)

  4. It should say, “Jerry Coyne Cool Cat” . I’d buy one for the FFRF. When do they go on sale? 🙂 I’d also like an “If Jerry Coyne were Noah” mug.

    1. I’d also like an “If Jerry Coyne were Noah” mug.

      And the punch line … (or am I being particularly dense tonight? it’s been a long week.)

      1. R Dawkins had a contest to come up with the best caption for a drawing. The drawing showed Mr and Mrs Noah with a boat load of cats and no other animals. The winning entry was “If Jerry Coyne were Noah.” Go back in the older posts. It was at least a couple of weeks ago, I think.

  5. In that first pic, the combination of Professor Ceiling Cat’s right cheek plus the cinnamon or whatever is sprinkled on the foam looked to me like a little brown frog.

  6. There are sites that will make such things to order – although you’d probably need some sort of permissions from the copyright holder (ProfCC). Quite how to / if to donate the “royalties” to [Good Cause], I’m not sure of. But I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a funding stream that other charities had already worked out how to mine.
    Anyone know a fund-raising specialist?

  7. Did anyone else notice that we can see sides of the mug even though Prof Ceiling Cat is holding it in his right hand in both photos? And the bookshelves moved from one side of the room to the other. Was this a test?

    1. That’s what I was alluding to at comment 8 above. Notice that PCC’s hair is reversed as well.

      One of those pics must have been reversed?

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