Friday: Hili dialogue

June 6, 2014 • 3:06 am

It’s Friday already! Which seat can you take? Hili has to sit high up for fear of the d*g.

A: Hili, what are you doing up there?
Hili: I’m observing the groundcrew.

In Polish:
Ja: Hili, co ty tam robisz?
Hili: Obserwuję personel naziemny.

4 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue

  1. Looks like a pear tree. How many in the groundcrew? (Guessing that cherries are not quite ready for harvest, so this refers to people pruning and mowing.)

  2. This is a very old apple tree. And groundcrew consist of four adults, one child, one dog and another cat, Fitness.

    When cherries are ready for harvest (end of July) a crew from outside is coming (60 to 100 people) but Hili understands that this is not “her” crew and keeps away.

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