Thursday: Hili dialogue

June 5, 2014 • 2:35 am
Hili: We cats took care of the hygiene of our bodies long before Christians did.
A: Well, yes, but why are you doing it under the shower?
Hili: To give Cyrus a good example.
In Polish:
Hili: My, koty, dbaliśmy o higienę ciała na długo przed chrześcijanami.
Ja: No dobrze, ale dlaczego robisz to pod prysznicem?
Hili: Żeby dać dobry przykład Cyrusowi.

6 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

  1. I think Hili is giving Christians too much credit for good hygiene. Except for those few sects that practice immersion baptism, bathing has not been much emphasized in Christianity.

    1. Except for those few sects that practice immersion baptism

      How often do they change the water?
      Srsly … someone, somewhere must have collated cases of baptism-induced infections.
      “I caught it from the baptismal font!” Now there is a line for any aspiring sit com writer to strive for, even if it’s in the version that ends up on the cutting room floor. And then on YouTube.

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