Tuesday: Fitness dialogue

June 3, 2014 • 3:13 am

It turns out that Fitness, Hili’s nemesis who lives upstairs, is also terrified by Cyrus, the new black rescue dog. Here is Fitness, treed out of fear. Photo and caption are from Andrzej’s Facebook page:

Fitness: What the hell is this thing doing here, big and black as a devil, staring at me from the base of the tree?


Fitness and Hili, for their own sakes, need to form an alliance against the d*g.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday: Fitness dialogue

  1. Hmmm, wasn’t there a Coen brothers film a couple of years ago about Hili, Fitness and the d*g training episode? Oh yes, here it is. Was it really 7 years ago? Where’s my Zimmer frame?

    1. Sorry, not Coen Bros. Why did I think that? Probably the boundless hilarity and endless good natured atmosphere of the movie made me think of their work.

  2. Fitness is a beauty. I hope all three beautiful creatures can come to some sort of living arrangement! 🙂

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