Saturday: Hili dialogue

May 24, 2014 • 3:30 am

Hili is trying to brain today:

A: What are you thinking about?
Hili: I’m trying to understand.
A: What are you trying to understand?
Hili: The vast expanse of what I do not understand.

10299169_10203424825208635_5019237239067700988_nIn Polish:

Ja: Nad czym myślisz?
Hili: Próbuję zrozumieć.
Ja: Co próbujesz zrozumieć?
Hili: Bezmiar tego, czego nie rozumiem.

6 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

  1. Hili is wise beyond her years. If only more humans were aware of their own ignorance. As Will Rogers said: “It’s not what he doesn’t know that scares me; it’s what he knows for sure that just ain’t so.”

  2. Wise cat. What’s the point wasting time on trying to understand that which you already understand?

    I suspect one of the things Hili doesn’t understand is why anybody would want to welcome home an homeless d*g. And, yeah, they’re smelly, noisy, rambunctious beasts…but they can be sweet friends and good protectors, too. Hopefully won’t be too terribly much longer before Hili understands that….


    1. Think Hili understands, just keeping it to herself. She has an image to maintain 😉 Agree — she is a wise cat and we can learn much from her. The more we learn, the ‘less’ we know, eg — that vast expanse, and it’s endless! She’s spot on!

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