Caturday felid: Ceiling cat is for real! (and Maru lagniappe)

May 24, 2014 • 4:38 am


I wonder if I could turn this story into a lucrative book and movie, for it shows that Ceiling Cat is not a delusion, but is real. Move over, Todd Burpo!

One of my friends, an atheist, is a flight attendant for a large airline, and I gave her a button for her flight apron—one of the many lovely buttons made by reader Su. It has the famous picture of Ceiling Cat peering down from his hole in the heavens, along with the caption: “Ceiling Cat: Official Emissary” (see below).

But I’ll let her tell her story, sent in an email with the header “Excellent Ceiling Cat story”. [Note: flight attendants have a complicated jargon; “pax” means “passengers”, “wx” means “weather,” and so on.]

I have the BEST Ceiling Cat story! I wear the “Official Ceiling Cat Emissary” button you gave me on my apron at work. Pax often ask me about it and I tell them the Good News that CC created the universe and is always watching. Yesterday two ladies stopped me during the flight to ask about Him. They loved it! One of them said she had been an ICU nurse and they had a patient who was always talking about the cat in the ceiling who was watching over him. He referred to this cat as the Ceiling Cat. The nurses didn’t pay much attention to his rantings about Ceiling Cat, just assuming he was delusional.

One morning a nurse walked into the patient’s room—and there was a kitten lying across his chest! A mother cat had given birth to a litter in the ceiling above the patient (it had those removable ceiling tiles) and somehow the kitten made its way down to the patient’s bed. Ceiling Cat is REAL and watches over us!!!

Here is the apron that smoked out the real Ceiling Cat:

Ceiling Cat button

Note: The young lady in question has added a bonus: if you ever see this flight attendant wearing the button, tell her that you learned about Ceiling Cat from this website, and you’ll get a free drink!


And. . . Maru became seven yesterday! How time flies, and as the years past, our boy seems to get tubbier than ever (Mugomogu, of course denies that he’s overweight).  Some of the recent highlights of la vie d’un matou are shown in his birthday clip, along with his new and much smaller feline compantion, Hana:

18 thoughts on “Caturday felid: Ceiling cat is for real! (and Maru lagniappe)

  1. And already the existence of Ceiling Cat is more probably than the existence Jehovah. Have you ever seen Jesus? And is he as soft and cuddly as this kitten? Didn’t think so!

    1. Jesus wants you to eat his flesh and drink his blood as you grope his guts. Kittens want you to wave around bits of string for them to chase and then for you to rub their bellies as they nap on your chest.

      Just shows that the Egyptians got the pick of the litter when it came to gods….



  2. It’s a little disconcerting that the hospital doesn’t know what animals are living in the ceiling right above its ICU.

    1. Depends. If it is an Intensive Cat Unit, all is good. If it is a regular hospital, it is at least more pest free.

      But yes, yuk! Confirms the old adage that hospitals are dangerous places, according to statistics many people suffer and die there…

      1. Yes, NEVER go to a hospital! The average life expectancy there is on the order of MONTHS!! If you’re ever sick, go instead to a nice health club like Gold’s Gym, or Planet Fitness.

    1. Of course the kitten could also represent the First Person, and has already experienced the Fall. You know how easily cats get into trouble. Of course CC gave them Curiosity, and so should have seen this coming. Luckily cats always land on their paws.

  3. I hope if I am ever in the hospital, I get to have a kitty (even though I have allergies). My luck it will just be scary spiders in the ceiling & no one will believe me.

  4. Perhaps this wasn’t CC Himself, but merely His emissary on Earth. The one who lives in the *ahem* Attican.

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