A Friday cat hug

May 9, 2014 • 2:34 pm

One thing is for sure: a three-cat day is better than a three-dog night.  Here, to end the weekend on a high note, is a lovely kitty asking its owner for a hug (and don’t you dare tell me that I’ve misinterpreted its behavior!).

h/t: Blue

20 thoughts on “A Friday cat hug

  1. One of my three cats does exactly that. I’ve had many cats throughout my life but so far he’s been the only one to ever do it. It’s good to know there is at least another cat that likes “throwing his paws” to be carried!!!

    1. So does Lucky. His previous owners named him. At first I thought it was because they are superstitious and he is black. Now I think maybe it’s because of his behaviour and he is lucky to have survived thus far.

  2. Aww… how cute!

    Our cat used to ask to be carried. Not anymore, since she became a senior citizen. Still asks to be stroked and massaged – she does that incessant touch-with-paw thing, sometimes with unretracted claws!

  3. Baihu doesn’t do that, but he has his own ways of signaling when he wants various forms of attention, including belly rubs, up on my shoulders, head bumps, or what-not.

    They’re all quite unmistrakable.


  4. Orson does not request. He simply takes. No lap is safe. Was that yogurt yours? Not anymore.

  5. Our cat Carla asks Peter for hugs in a similar way. Then he takes her for a walk around the house – I kid you not!

  6. I’m a bit alarmed at you ending the weekend though, Professor. Heck it’s only just begun! Can’t we have a little bit longer to play?

    1. Not abducted, she asked for it (and don’t you dare tell me that I’ve misinterpreted its behavior!).

    2. That’s not a space alien. That’s my old vacuum cleaner!

      (and don’t you dare tell me that I’ve misinterpreted its behavior!).

      My vacuum cleaner never tasted cat hair while it still worked (it has obviously healed itself since being sent to the hack-space for disembowelment and re-purposing), which would explain it’s Felidae avariciousness.

  7. (and don’t you dare tell me that I’ve misinterpreted its behavior!).

    The cat is plainly a master at training humans and has this one nearly ready to be sent out as a cat valet.

      1. Yoda-san (the meta-cat whose light-image we see in the recording) appears to have the hoomin nearly trained. The belly-rub was perfunctory. Another week of carefully-applied claws MAY make this slave acceptable to feline society.

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