17 thoughts on “Ceci n’est pas une grenouille

  1. For a second there I thought you were going to tell us it was an example of mimicry in
    nature, but instead it’s mimicry in art.
    That video was extremely cool!!!

    1. That is also interesting. What puzzles me, though, is that in the 1st photo the parrot eye looks to be just above the eye of the model, that is just above the brow of the model, but in the lower pix the parrot eye is painted over the eye of the model.

    2. Those models are very gifted as well. I’d have to pee the whole time or get all bloaty & ruin the effect. 😀

  2. I’m not sure why, but these bodypainting things creep me out…I like the original animals much better.

      1. Interesting video. Do you think the guy’s done a PhD on being creeped out?

        I don’t find masks or clowns or dolls creepy, or supernatural movies scary. Just this body painting stuff. Not scary-creepy, just unpleasant I guess.

    1. I’m also in the Creepifying Club.

      Much as I admire the sheer talent and creativity that goes into these things, I’d also much rather see the real thing.

      And thanks for the video link, Diana. Interesting.

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