Jerry Coyne is getting bigger and handsomer

March 6, 2014 • 2:27 pm

Reader Gayle Ferguson, who adopted a litter of five kittens, including only one male (a ginger tom she called Jerry Coyne), sends pictures and news of Jerry and his littermates:

I’ve attached many new photos of the little man.  He is growing very handsome.  I haven’t had him weighed for a while but we’ll be going to the vet either tomorrow or Saturday to get this done.

Two pictures of Jerry and Hoover (so named because she sucked on her milk syringe with great vigor):

Hoover and jerry 2

Hoover and Jerry

Jerry on display:






Hoover, Jerry, and Isis (Jerry’s girlfriend):

Isis Hoover and Jerry

Jerry, Molly, and Poppy:

Jerry Molly and Poppy

Jerry and Pistorius!:

Kitten and Pistorius

Gayle’s favorite picture of Jerry:

This is my favourite

Will some Kiwi or Aussie PLEASE adopt this guy? I want to be able to post pictures of him as he grows into an adult. (It goes without saying that you can’t change his name.)

I’ve enlarged Jerry Coyne’s “Satan Face” which is now my Twi**er icon:


37 thoughts on “Jerry Coyne is getting bigger and handsomer

    1. To quote the old song:
      “these two bricks and mortar /
      will teach you not to discuss Ugandan Relations with my daughter”
      (Derek and Clive, I think.)

    2. About two weeks time, when he is 1 kg. It would be nice to wait until he is a bit bigger, but Auckland has such a terrible problem with strays and abandoned kittens that all the rescue agencies insist that animals be neutered before being adopted out to new homes. General public can’t be trusted to be responsible.

  1. If Jerry Coyne Kitty gets any cuter — or is threatened with adoption by someone who is going to rename him “Fluffy” — then Jerry Coyne Evolutionary Biologist just might have to pay a visit to New Zealand. And then go through all the necessary hoops to bring Jerry Coyne back (which may take longer than the filming Tolkein.)

    Though it would be confusing to actually own a cat with your own name. I mean, for one thing, what about mail??

    1. Never mind the mail; what about publications? How is one supposed to cite the one as opposed to the other, and what about collaborative works?

      …then there’s the finances, the taxes, the catnip-of-the-month-club memberships….


      1. the catnip-of-the-month-club

        Now there’s an idea.
        Not necessarily a very good idea, but it’s definitely an idea.

    2. If Jerry Coyne the biologist were to visit New Zealand, he could do worse than take the opportunity to do a few talks here. We haven’t had anyone of particular interest since the Potty Peer last April.

      1. A lot of people vacation in the south pacific and either skip NZ or leave it to last with little time. Those who get a little taste inevitably regret not spending more time there. It’s a great place to visit & I’m sure Jerry would love it – especially the cheese and bread! I find NZ has the best cheese & bread for some reason! I also love that every town, no matter how small, has an affordable place to eat where you can get cheese & bread.

        1. To be honest, NZ has always been on my list of “places I must go”, including with settlement in mind. Bread and cheese only add to the interesting potential.

          1. I went so far as to look into the exporting of ‘Jerry Coyle’ to the US. Can’t look at pdf, thinks I don’t have Adobe. On a MacBook, yada, yada, yada. Just entertaining the idea… Wouldn’t want “Little Fuzzy” to be on such a long trip anyway unless ‘Big Fuzzy’ went and to NZ to bring him home and join him in the cabin. I’m afraid the “Little Fuzzy” would be the center of attention though 😉 Imagine, two airline tickets and passports, Jerry A Coyne.

            1. You can open PDFs in Preview which is on all Macs. I actually prefer Preview & don’t have Adobe PDF reader on my Macs.

    1. No, I don’t think so. I think they just respond to the tone of your voice, or don’t respond, as they see fit…

    2. Yes, they do. My 2 know their names and also come running when I say “treeeeat” in a high-pitched voice. I’ve tested other names when talking with them…no response. The correct name elicits a head tilt or eye contact.

    3. Both of mine know their names. They will turn around and look at you (or sometimes just move their ears) and then ignore you (unless it involves a treat of some kind). They also both know the sound of a can opener.

      1. I wonder what the equivalent of a can-opener on the savannah is? I was tiven n electruc one as a long ago wedding present, and man did that call my kitty from backyards away!

    4. Had fifteen house cats at one time from ‘wise years’ to ‘wee bairns’. They knew their names even with different inflections. Now there are two — not from the original fifteen.

      Off course there is selective hearing as they often have more important things to do than respond to me 😉

  2. I am not asking this for myself but for the dogs of Mexico, specifically Isla Mujeres. There is a Youtube video called “Last in line” about a woman’s effort to help these poor creatures. I ask that you post it for your followers to help spread the word about this heroic effort. Every cent raised goes to the animals. I know you’re a cat person but that means you love animals and dogs are certainly that.

  3. Check out those canines on Feline Satan – Coyne ! Whoa ! = what lovely nom – chompers !

    Mz Ferguson, you have done such a smashing job here … … mothering and fussing.


  4. Kiwala is a polish surname. South Hackensack, NJ roots. A kiwala with a last name of Stahlberg lives in the McCracken School District in Skokie. Anyway…..While reading Marginalia stuff, Poes thoughts , I came across Jeffersons concern of Federalist opposition attaching atheism to his character during his run for president. This all came about during Jeffersons friendship with Frenchmen Volney, and Jeffersons translation of Volneys book “Ruins of Empires”. Interesting stuff here..
    ” to live in harmony and peace…..we must trace a line of distinction between those assertions that are capable of verifications and those that are not , we must separate by an inviolable barrier the world of fantastical beings from the world of realities”. Volney via Jefferson Translation.
    The year 1800 was fearful for atheists. And Poe? A devout believer in heaven. Interesting.

  5. Our cats’ names must have been chukachukachuka crinkle-rumple-shunk … the sounds of the treat bag being shaken. They’ve always promptly responded. 🙂

    1. Same here. We’re moving into new, spacious new digs in a few months, and a cat has been promised to me and our ailurophile son. Too bad NZ is too far away. As it happens, growing up I had a cat named Jerry, albeit not presciently in honor of this website’s host, but rather because as a 5-year-old I was somewhat confused about who was the cat and who the mouse in my beloved Tom and Jerry cartoons…

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