14 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. Most cats understand the relativity of the food bowl. When the bowl is full, time moves quickly. When the bowl is empty, time moves slowly. Time is positively correlated to the amount of food in the bowl. QED.

  2. 12 cats!?

    Let me see. Schroedinger’s cat makes 4-5 of those (1/2*9 lives), since quantum mechanics groks *everything*.

    So who are the remaining 8? Hili’s next lives, perhaps.

  3. But cats almost certainly understand quantum mechanics. Unlike humans. To paraphrase the quote…anyone claiming to understand quantum mechanics is lying.

  4. It may be that twelve cats understand the theory of relativity, but according to the traditional story, only three people understand it. During an interview, a newspaper reporter remarked to Arthur Eddington that only three people (Eddington included) understood relativity. Eddington replied, “Who’s the third?”

  5. względności

    Now there is a word. A word of power and gravitas. Just to try to run it over an untutored tongue is to realise that this is a word first among equals.

    I shall not try to discover how it is meant to be pronounced, that might be too powerful to take. That or it would seem less by association in my mind with some English word. Better to just admire it.

    Do all cats know such words, or just Hili?

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