7 thoughts on “Goldfinch ascending

  1. My (Maryland) goldfinches are (at least in the warm seasons) a lot more golden than that one.

    Is the picture winter plumage? Or a female? Or a different “kind” (to use Ken Ham’s favorite word, since I don’t know whether my Golder-Finch is a “variety” or what).

  2. Hi Jerry

    I suppose you could call this one ‘Chaffinch ascending’.

    The Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) is a very common bird in the Uk (the RSPB says it’s the second commonest). This is a male. The female is more dull and brown. Mal


  3. Looks like (a beautiful photo of) a goldfinch descending, to me.

    And what ever became of the genus Carduelis?

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