Friday mammals: tigers and bears! (no lions)

January 31, 2014 • 2:28 pm

It’s Friday! Which seat will you take?

Tigers swimming! Filmed underwater, where they appear to be grazing on the bottom of the pool!  Well, who knows, but here, courtesy of reader Michael, is some nice video of. . .

The Tiger Temple at Australia Zoo has the only glass underwater viewing in Australia! What better way to see our amazing tigers cooling down and getting active in their pool during the tropical summer weather.

This short video, of a young polar bear cub encountering snow for the first time at the Toronto Zoo, has gone pretty viral: I saw it on the evening news as the requisite end-of-the-show “squee moment.” You have to admit, though, it’s pretty cute.  According to reader P., who sent the link:

He was the lone survivor of a litter of three, and the zoo staff removed him from his mother, as she had a tendency to reject or neglect her cubs. I do hope they’ll be reunited some day.

The cub was born on November 9 and the video was just posted, so the little guy is less than three months old.  And his squeak hasn’t yet turned into a roar—or whatever noise adult polar bears make.

7 thoughts on “Friday mammals: tigers and bears! (no lions)

  1. In that tiger film, one of the handlers does something I’ve long wanted to do: play with a tiger with a “wand” toy made from a broomstick. Seems the most obvious extension from what domestic cats so clearly get so much of a kick out of doing.


  2. For whatever it may be worth, Jerry, I wish that the cat posts got as much attention as the religion ones, the same way you’ve publicly wished the science posts did. I, at least, appreciate them all equally and look forward to lots more of “all of the above.”

    In this particular case, I’m wondering how it can be that nobody has yet remarked on the expression of the underwater tiger, or the trainer holding a milk container overhead as a tiger stands in close contact and drinks, and so on.

    Maybe it’s just Friday evening? Snowstorms have cut electricity and Internet connections? Sunspots…?



  3. I’ve been to Australia Zoo but it was about 20 years ago and I’m sure it’s unrecognizable now. Maybe I can get there sometime this year.

    1. I remember when it was Beerwah Reptile Park, and last time I went Steve did the croc demo without infant assistance.

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