Religious Nigerian woman disowns cat for being gay

January 26, 2014 • 2:59 pm

This is part 2 of Religious Animal Craziness. You couldn’t make stuff like this up.

It’s bad enough that various species of Christianity and Islam persecute people for being gay, but now religion has injected its poison further—into supposedly homosexual felidsThe Nigerian newspaper Leadership reports (and I give their piece in full, with bolding mine; I haven’t tried to fix all the misspellings and errors):

A middle-aged woman (names withheld) yesterday in Lafia, Nasarawa State, publicly disowned her cat whom she had kept as a pet for seven years for what she termed “an unnatural sexual behavior” which she finds disturbing and “a contradiction of the laws of nature.”

By this, the cat has made a record as the first cat to be so publicly declared gay and disowned by its owner.

The cat, named Bull, was alleged to be in the habit of making sexual advances only to other male cats in the house even though there are several other female cats.

Neighbours attested that none of the other cats born while the cat was in the house has it’s due colour [sic], lending credence to the fact that it has not been able to mate with other female cats in its home or anywhere in the environ.

The cat owner who expressed a strong belief in the divine purpose of creating male and female of every creature to fulfil an ordained purpose of procreation said, “anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.”

The cat’s renunciation which attracted members of the public was however dramatic as no one wanted to take ownership of such a cat.

After its rejection, many residents of the area have been th[r]onging the house located on Gboko Street, Tudun Gwandara area of Lafia, the state capital to see things for themselves

When LEADERSHIP visited the area people, especially youths, were seen in groups cracking joks about the incident.

I love the “name withheld” part.  It’s a good thing this woman doesn’t own bonobos.


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73 thoughts on “Religious Nigerian woman disowns cat for being gay

    1. Better thsn cracking heads, I guess. Glad the poor pusser’s name has been witheld as well…Such stoopidity!

  1. The only serious part of this article is I hope the cat isn’t harmed due to such ridiculous behaviour on the part of humans.

    I guess all the pets I’ve had should be thankful I am so open minded about their deviance! My tortoise would try to mate with shoes, my female guinea pigs would try to mate with each other during estrus (which was a total hassle for the guinea pig not in estrus), my budgie would try to mate with the mirror image budgie in it’s mirror with a a bell on it, my dogs humped dogs of the same sex all the time & my current dog humps her bed.

    Good thing I’m an atheist pet owner. LOL!

  2. Oh, and the photo that Leadership has posted alongside its article is wonderful! It’s obvious the newspaper’s laughing as hard as we are about this.

    1. Vierotchka:

      It’s an illusion.

      The press reports only exciting, sensational items. To report on less craziness is frankly boring.

      Steven Pinker would have no problem showing you that the world is becoming much less crazy, less insane. Thanks to people like Darwin, Bertrand Russell, Richard Dawkins, and of course himself too.

      The illusion lies in the fact that instances of sanity are not reported to the public at large anywhere except in the Gallup or Pew Research reports.

      In fact, for most of its history, the human species has lived in near-total insanity, not reported by whatever news agencies existed.

      Before books appeared, the craziness of the human population was general and overwhelming.

      As Sagan spent his life explaining,it’s only when the ancient Greeks started in developing critical thinking, observation of phenomena, discussion of hypotheses, debates, schools of philosophy, studying the methods of thinking and drawing conclusions, styles of communication, and the study of language and linguistics, that sanity made a breach in the universal folly.

      Not only religions and their fantastic constructions (God has a son! Let’s celebrate!), but an impenetrable morass of superstitions ruled over average minds.
      France which saw the rise of modern combat against the power of religion, still has the largest group of believers in astrology and homeopathy, in spite of their Louis Pasteur.

      You do not give enough credit to the immense work achieved by the ancient Greeks, continued by the great scientists and humanists of the Renaissance and Reform, and the decisive breakthrough of the Enlightenment.

      So, no, “the feeling that the whole world is getting crazier and crazier” cannot be considered as a reliable measure of what’s happening among the public.
      Even sightings of appearances of the Virgin Mary have declined, and good instances of miracles are pretty hard to find.
      Churches are getting emptier and emptier, as we can easily verify in the West at least.
      And the new laws on gay marriages is going to deplete the Catholic Church of a lot of staff and accelerate the abandonment of church buildings.

      In one word, no, the world is getting saner, better informed, and the level of literacy is definitely increasing.

      Sorry to be so long, but reading the New York Post and the Daily News can only confirm your feeling, but it remains an illusion created by the media which want to amuse and entertain first, and are scared stiff of boring you.
      The Nigerian paper felt the same. This Nigerian cat story is indeed very amusing.

      But what does it prove for the advance towards rationality in a population of 8 billion people?
      Statistics, to the rescue!

  3. I don’t think Baihu would be too keen on feline companionship regardless of sexual orientation, but, were it not for the whole other-side-of-the-planet thing, I’d be more than happy to foster Bull until I could find him a forever home.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in this….


    1. No, you’re not alone – I would have taken him home in a heartbeat… after having him sterilized, of course. I live in an apartment at my female cat’s home.

      1. Yes, of course. Step one, secure health insurance; step two, a full-workup physical; step three, any necessary procedures, including sterilization and vaccination and microchipping and what-not; step four, find him a forever home; step five, transfer the insurance policy to the new slave(s).


  4. “an unnatural sexual behavior”

    What was your first clue, the rampant butt-sniffing or how he obsessively licked his own genitals?

    1. I think it was the “due” part that is weird. I think it was supposed to read “dew colour”. It took me about 10 reads to figure that out.

      1. This is endemic in blogs on both sides of the pond. But I think the sic is for ‘colour’, which is correct in Nigeria.

        1. …and Canada, and … well… everywhere else in the world except the US, right? (I figured Jerry would know about colour, artefact, etc… kind-of integral to scientific writing, when one’s piece has to be made ready for a non-US journal or magazine) (?)

  5. The cat’s renunciation which attracted members of the public was however dramatic as no one wanted to take ownership of such a cat.

    Really? “Such a cat?” It sounds to me as if the newspaper is on the side of the owner here. Unless it can indeed be assumed that the cat would have been snatched up had it not been stigmatized as “gay.” The indictment then is on the society.

    Poor kitty. It has no idea why its presumably comfortable home of 7 years is gone, but gone it is.

    Not that it would feel any better if it knew — as many gay people can attest.

    1. Teh ghey is, apparently, very powerful. So forceful it is, it seems, that there is some potent anticipation in the Christian community that it’s their highest hope for an hard-and-fast date for the long-anticipated second coming of Jesus.

      It never did anything for me, but it’s certainly got lots of Christians all hot and bothered and quite excited, really.



  6. A friend used to have a male cat that frequently attempted to mate with their male rabbit. Unfortunately, he kept trying to mount the rabbit’s head, rather than the appropriate region.

    Gatherings were frequently interrupted by cries of, “Worf! Wrong species, wrong gender, wrong end!”

    1. Maybe the reason rabbits are so fecund is because a sitting female is too symmetric for some suitors.

      I’ve seen male rabbits having the same end [sic!] of the affair…

  7. Maybe things ARE getting a little better: at least she didn’t put a toy truck tire around its neck and burn it to death!

  8. It happens in the U.S. too. I helped rescue a pair of male cats from a shelter after a new manager declared their “gay” behavior “unnatural and wrong” which put them on a list for immediate destruction. They ended up in a loving, cat-centered home (not mine – I had a dozen cats at the time) and lived happily ever after.

    1. They have plenty more to occupy themselves in Nigeria, such as procreation. In rural areas an average of 8 children per woman is normal, and 7 in more urban areas.

  9. I hope the cat was found a good home, otherwise, seeing how stupid some people can be, it will have been put to death by stoning. Not a laughable end unfortunately.

    1. Ha ha! Yes! I can’t believe I’d forgotten about that & that it didn’t immediately spring to mind. Come to think of it, this whole article could have been an episode of South Park!

  10. Sadly, homophobia is common in most African countries, for instance Uganda has passed a law to make homosexuality a crime. The situation is similar in the Caribbean also.

      1. Possibly, but some African bishops want to destroy pre-human remains in museums to destroy evidence of evolution. Though maybe they were influenced by Republican Evangelicals.

      1. She’s post-op and loves frolicking in the meadows.

        The only problem now is, is she allowed to use the ladies litter box?

        *Note: Thailand is a great place for cheap feline gender reassignment surgery.

  11. Reminds me of the good old days when Europeans adopted the worthwhile habit of burning cats en masse… because they were (and still are) obviously in league with the devil. Everyone knew that back then and a certain percentage of perceptive Christians right here in the US of A still see the truth in it today! Praise The Lord and throw another log on the bonfire. Meeeouch!!!

  12. Ah yes, final stage of our gay agenda (which I call Preparation H) feels pretty good, on the whole.

    We’ll control the cat population soon enough, and you’ll never know if your precious Fluffies affections are straight or gay! Mwah, hah hah hah!

    1. There is a similar movement/campaign in France against prostitution and “gender theory” being taught in schools, both largely stemming from the right wing and extreme right wing.

      1. There is a similar movement/campaign in France against prostitution and “gender theory” being taught in schools, both largely stemming from the right wing and extreme right wing

        Well, I’m no rightwinger but I too would be worried about prostitution being taught in schools.

          1. What is “gender theory” and what is it the RCs object to? Birth control, abortion, homosexuality I understand. but it seems like there is a hidden agenda. Is it defending a “traditional” i.e. subordinate role for women? The all male priesthood? One article suggested it was launched as a diversion from priestly abuse revelations. But it is not clear to me how they think that this new catch-all phrase is going to help their case.

  13. That is just so hilariously African. If it weren’t for the frequent murders, trumped up witchcraft trials, kidnapping and piracy, the place would be funny.
    I enjoy visiting there ; not so sure that I’d want to live there. Actually, pretty certain I wouldn’t want to live there.

  14. Time to go to the optometrist – I went for over a day thinking this was about a woman who drowned her cat for being gay. Couldn’t figure out why nobody was horrified and outraged. I’ll adopt the kitty – I love gay cats. 😛

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