Wednesday: Hili dialogue

January 22, 2014 • 3:39 am
I sent my friends in Poland a picture I took of Andrzej with Hili’s bête noire, the upstairs cat Fitness. They made the mistake of showing the photo to Hili:
Hili: What is that?
A: A picture Jerry has sent from Chicago.
Hili: When did he take it?
A: One day when you were in the garden.
Hili: Thou shalt have no other cats before me.
In Poliah:
Hili: Co to jest?
Ja: Zdjęcie, które Jerry przysłał z Chicago.
Hili: Kiedy on to zrobił?
Ja: Któregoś dnia jak byłaś w ogrodzie.
Hili: Nie będziesz miał cudzych kotów przede mną.
Hili is a jealous goddess.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. But she herself has no problem having an off-owner affair with professor ceiling cat. Truly religous double standard.

  2. If one says “Hail Hili, full of grace! It is 37 years since my last confession…”, one can promise to give her bowl of cream for every sin, and then She will forgive you.
    Hmmm, 37 years. That is a lot of sins…and a lot of cream.

  3. Le chat (bete) noir est magnifique! Hili is still a goddess, but Fitness is a beauty. Too bad they can’t be friends.

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