An even quieter Sunday in Dobrzyn

January 5, 2014 • 1:41 pm

The weather is amazing for Poland: while Chicago is suffering under subzero temperatures and a blanket of snow (they cancelled classes tomorrow at the U of C), it was 10°C here (that’s 50F!) and sunny. So there are walkies and noms and work, as well as a nice pair of visitors with their baby.

Hili meeets a six-month-old child. The cat looked a bit flummoxed.

Hili meets baby

The visitors also brought a toy for Hili (she is, after all, Poland’s most famous cat) and this delicious cream-filled cake. We are faced with a surfeit of cakes now: a true First World problem!


The main amusement on such lazy days (besides listening to my commenters tell me that my views on free will are incoherent) is observing the antics of Hili.  In the early afternoon, meowing was heard from the veranda: Hili clearly wanted to come in. But she was nowhere to be found—until she was observed lying on a hanging shelf six feet off the ground.

Hili on sconce 0

Cats love to be high up where they can observe the world but be safe.  I do not know how she got up there.

Hili on sconce 1

Because the weather was so mild, Hili went out several times. On this occasion she made her presence known by jumping on the windowsill, demanding to be let in. As I’ve mentioned before, she often refuses to come in on her own: she wants someone to go outside, fetch her from the windowsill, and carry her in! And, indeed, that’s what happened:

Retrieved from windowsill

Such is the life of Poland’s most famous (and most spoiled) cat. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be Hili, with attendants to pet you, feed you and keep you warm at night; to have the run of a whole orchard teeming with fat mice; and to know nothing of your own mortality?

18 thoughts on “An even quieter Sunday in Dobrzyn

      1. Holy Ceiling Cat!

        She just sprouted two more eyes and four more little legs!!!

        Humans are weird!


  1. “… Cats love to be high up where they can observe the world but be safe. I do not know how she got up there. ..”

    Hili has developped a very sturdy musculature allowing her all sorts of fantastical high jumps and tricks. Thanks to this picture, her humans have now proof that she does not suffer from excess fat by a long way: they must feed her MORE cream – to make sure she can keep up her training!

    “Wouldn’t it be lovely to be Hili,…”

    Surely there must be some enjoyment of life for us humans that the cat cannot have, thus balancing out her advantage of blissful catty ignorance about the inevitable? What could it be?… Discussions!… No… Modern Art!… No… Ok, Hili wins;-)

  2. I saw a cartoon years ago, showing the difference between d**s and cats- the first panel shows a man feeding a dog, with the dog’s thought balloon reading: “He feeds me, gives me shelter, and plays with me- he must be GOD!” The next panel shows the same scene with a cat being fed: its thought balloon says,”He feeds me, gives me shelter, and plays with me- I must be GOD!”

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