December 27, 2013 • 3:32 am

by Matthew Cobb

This penguin video just popped up in my Tw*tter feed via @kahoakes. I have no idea if the sound is original, but it should be.

When it comes to penguins, however, there’s only one: Pingu. This episode scared the willies out of my daughters when they were young:


9 thoughts on “Penguins!

  1. Pingu may speak penguin language, but it is pronounced with a French-Swiss accent. 🙂

    If it or something similar was aired in America when I was growing up I would have been enthralled.

  2. Ha ha, I’ve seen Pingu sometimes and I always thought it was some French show. I must’ve seen it on a French channel in Canada.

  3. My 3.5 yo daughter just watched that Pingu and laughed all the way through. Funnily enough Pingu came up in our Christmas day charades. I waddled, we won. Ho humm

  4. Pingu! This brings back many happy memories of watching this with my children when they were little. So much fun. They used to love The Green Forest too, and a whole bunch of other shows.

  5. I’m not sure which is more disturbing – that some Antarctic scientist left their stash of psychoactive mushrooms where passing penguin babies (“Pingus” for our pedantic readers) can eat them, or that Jamie ‘Mythbuster’ Hyneman has taken to eating beds.

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