Friday: Hili dialogue

December 27, 2013 • 4:07 am

Is it Friday already? I leave this evening for Poland, returning on Jan. 14. I’ll be posting from there, and, I hope, Matthew and Greg will find time to contribute.

Oh, and I just noticed that Matthew put up two posts while I was asleep. So if you are used to Hili being the first post, read the two below this.

In the meantime, editor-in-chief Hili calls a meeting with her staff (I keep envisioning her with a little green eyeshade):

Hili: Editorial meeting!
A: O.K., what are we getting as a lead story?
Hili: I suggest – the talk with me.
A: And then?
Hili: Then this excellent piece by Uncle Jerry about academic boycott.
In Polish:
Hili: Kolegium redakcyjne!
Ja: O.K. Co dajemy na czołówkę?
Hili: Proponuję rozmowę ze mną…
Ja: A dalej?
Hili: Potem ten świetny artykuł Jerrego o akademickim bojkocie.

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