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  1. I do not have a twitter account. Being exposed to tweets here is analogous to exposure to second hand smoke. 🙂

    1. I follow Matthew (I am not worthy) but he is pretty busy this year so not Tw*eting as much as before. I find it really good for keeping up with articles/events & use it for our library to alert people to new articles etc. I also follow Hili! Though I am not sure Hili has decided where to go yet…

      In addition to article links you get gems like this photo
      or this http://www.aftenposten.no/viten/Professoren-brukte-tre-ar-pa-a-ta-dette-bildet-7370649.html

    1. Or maybe people could mind their own business and “unfollow” someone if they don’t like their Tweets.
      When did atheists become so censorious that some feel that trying to shut someone up for saying things they disagree with is a worthy pursuit?

        1. Not so fine. A few years ago the atheist blogosphere was full of people pronouncing that the only people who felt that people whose opinions they disagreed with should be silenced were fundamentalists.

          It genuinely is a pitiful day when suddenly the same thing can be applied so so-called free thinkers.

          1. Here is Jerry Coyne on the subject and it expresses pretty much the reasons why I wish Dawkins would quit twitter.

            “Yet If I could have a second wish, I’d ask that Richard Dawkins refrain from using Twitter. Not only does he try to make complicated points in the too-small space of 140 characters, but many people are gunning for him anyway, hoping to make hay out of his missteps. That’s a recipe for internet meltdown.”

            From here:

            It was never my intention to advocate silencing Dawkins, rather it was to suggest he stick to a longer form of writing where he excels perhaps more than anyone alive. Perhaps it’s none of my business telling him what to do, but freedom of speech includes expressing dumb opinions too.

            1. Freedom of speech is about not being arrested and sentenced to prison for something you say; it really has no relevance to the current discussion. It is interesting, however, that you use freedom of speech to defend your right to tell Dawkins to “speak” less.

              1. Ah, yes. “Stop tweeting” obviously means “speak more.” How could I possibly have misunderstood?

  2. I didn’t actually count, but I think he answered maybe 4 questions, tops, before he bailed. I don’t know why he bothered.

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