My interview on Freethought Radio

July 12, 2013 • 11:53 am

I’ll be on Freethought Radio tomorrow with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, discussing the distressing the incursion of intelligent-design advocates at Ball State University. The whole show runs from 11 a.m.-noon Central (U.S.) time, and you can listen to it live at The Mic 92.1.  (Just click on the red strip at the top left.)

9 thoughts on “My interview on Freethought Radio

    1. Good to know it’ll be available after the fact, because I have no idea if I’ll be a computer at…whatever time 11:00 Central is in Arizona….

      (I still can’t figure out why anybody puts up with that DST nonsense, let alone when it’s in force or not.)


  1. Annie Laurie and Dan are the best kind of activists, and were married on exactly the same day in 1987 that my wife and I were, in the same state. So it feels particularly auspicious whenever I renew my FFRF membership.

  2. Excellent. Looking forward to it showing up in my podcast feed.

    And for everyone else: If you’re not donating at least a few dollars each year to FFRF you should. They are actually rolling up their sleeves (metaphorically) and doing the hard work of fighting all the small battles (and an occasional big battle) throughout the U.S.A. to keep religious entanglement with the state to a minimum.

  3. I finally joined FFRF and got my first newsletter today. They do an amazing amount of good all over the country. I don’t know where they get the energy.

  4. I listened to the broadcast, it was very informative. I learned that you are a blogger and run a blog. I am glad to hear that you are finally getting past denial on this point.

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