Caturday felids: Doctor Who kittehs

May 4, 2013 • 6:13 am

I’ve never watched a single episode of Doctor Who, but I know that many readers love this series, which I think has been on television for nigh on five decades.  Here are a series of cat photos related to the show, and your job is to guess the relationship.  These were contributed by Who-loving reader Grania.

There is no prize except your satisfaction in getting the right answer.







Doctor Who Kitty

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  1. I’m only a casual watcher of the show, but I recognize all but the fez shot. The hospital, mummy and blink photos are all from the most recent incarnation of the series (I’ve see the episodes in question but don’t know the titles) and the other two are just generic to the show.

    1. A fez is what the current doctor (number 11) likes to wear – everyone around him thinks it’s awful, but he thinks it’s cool (like bow ties).

    2. The title of the blink-related episode was ‘Blink’. It was a small masterpiece of time-travel plotting in the way it tied up all the threads, and also as a delightful human-interest story that, as it happens, only featured the Doctor and his companion ‘in passing’ as it were.

  2. 1) Doctor #4 (Tom Baker) & Doctor #10 (David Tennant). Many fans considered Tom Baker “their doctor” but many shifted loyalties to #10.
    2)Reference to the stone angels
    3)The Fez that the #11 Doctor likes (in the Pandorica episode River Song shoots it)
    4)A reference when doctor #10 go to WWI during the Blitz and some sort of healing alien thingy screws up and thinks the gas mask is how humans look when it heals them so they end up that way. Creepy.
    5)The cat hospital (run by cat nuns) at the New Earth – also where the Face of Bo is
    7) Tardis


      1. Ah indeed I stand corrected, I was thinking #9 but typed #10 because I just love Doctor #10 🙂

          1. I’ll always have Tom Baker as my favorite. But I’m an avid fan of the reboot years, too. And, IMO, Matt Smith has been a fine incarnation.

      2. Although technically, No 10 is also correct, as he gleefully says this line himself when donning a gasmask in The Sontaran Stratagem.

  3. Not read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or watched Doctor Who? People are going to think you are an anglophobe!

    Did you know that Dawkins is married to a former Doctor companion and time lady (Lala Ward)? Dawkins is a lucky guy.

        1. Not to mention that Professor Dawkins met Lalla Ward via Douglas Adams, who at the time were both working on “Doctor Who” 🙂
          Incidentally, it was my obsession with the Hitchhiker that got me into a) Doctor Who and b) Prof. Dawkins’s books – after all, he and Douglas Adams were great friends.

            1. Yes, I remembered Brian Cox’s appearance but had forgotten about Dawkins’s. Very cool indeed.

            2. … and in fact Richard Dawkins met Lalla Ward at, I think, one of DNA’s parties.

      1. Dawkins was also mentioned briefly as a leader of a “star cult” (people who believe stars exist) in the Pandorica episodes.
        BTW, I never understood why you would invite Dawkins to talk about planets in the sky 🙂
        I guess he’s in the “generic scientist” slot now. In a later episode they had Brian Cox talking about physics, which makes a bit more sense.

        1. I found that odd too, however this is somewhat related: my local bookstore had Jerry’s book in Mathematics and a bunch of Dawkins’s books in Physics.

    1. Just when I thought Richard Dawinks cannot get more awesome that it is… I find this out.

  4. A list of episodes to try from if you have never watched any Doctor Who and want to see what it’s like:

    The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances
    Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead
    Asylum of the Daleks

    And then, if you don’t mind being a little lost at times, because there is a certain amount of continuity and history referenced:

    The Snowmen
    The Wedding of River Song

    That should give you an idea of whether you like it or not.

    1. Also be warned that this is the usual progression of a Doctor Who fan.

      First show – that was kind of stupid

      Second show – that was kind of interesting I guess I’ll watch one more.

      Third show – I will not stop watching this show for as long as a live!!

      1. I absolutely agree. What they managed to do in the way of scariness with no more than a few styrofoam statues and a bit of well-paced cutting was amazing.

        The time travel threads in the plot were tied up so neatly, to my mind it’s the classic example of how a time-loop story should be written.

        But it was also a rather delightful human-interest story, it was deliberately written to give the Doctor and his companion some time off and it was so well done that (much as I loved the Doctor and Martha) I hardly missed them.

  5. I never really caught the bug for the “reboot” series, but I love the original series — when it was bad, it was delightfully bad, but when it it was good, it was amazing. I particularly treasure “The Face of Evil” (the episode which introduces Leela), and “Warrior’s Gate”.

    Yes, Tom Baker is “my” Doctor.

    If anybody wants to watch those, get in touch (but you’d better be ready to play a VHS tape!).

    1. I couldn’t get into the new series at first either. I gave up after two episodes and didn’t watch it. Then I gave it a try circa Doctor number 10. Try some of the episodes on my list. They might change your mind.

      1. I’m a fan of the original series. The first episode I ever saw was ‘The Three Doctors’ with Jon Pertwee. Hooked immediately and he is still my favourite Doctor, although I think David Tennant was the best one in the reboot.

        I preferred the format of the old series – several short episodes in a story, each with their own cliffhanger. The hour-long format tends to force an abrupt conclusion sometimes – too fast and easy a fix – while they could always make a story longer (>4 episodes) if they needed to.

        Can’t say I’m too impressed with this latest season/companion. Guess we’ll see what the answer to the question reveals.

        1. I always liked the new series which I thought was good under Russell Davies but even better under Steven Moffat. Ironically, Moffat (who took over in 2009) also wrote a famous Doctor Who parody 10 years earlier called “Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death” with Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor which is hilarious. Moffat had earlier written a brilliant Jekyll-Hyde update called “Jekyll”. I think he’s marvelous.

          So with a hiatus of 16 years from ’89 to ’05 (not counting one TV movie in ’96 and some annual cartoon movies starting in ’01), I guess that’s 34 years of TV. Damn impressive.

          The cat photoes are utterly delightful.

          1. Moffat is awesome (so I too wasn’t impressed by the last season). He’s Dr Who parody is a must see (just look for “Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death” on youtube), and it’s very clearly done by someone who loves the show to the point of obsession.
            And if you’re mentioning he’s other shows, you can’t not mention “Sherlock”, which is a real masterpiece.

  6. Is the picture of Tennant holding a kitty taken from the show? He seems to be in his Doctor suit but I don’t remember seeing this kitten on the show.
    (Adorable picture anyway, but of course David Tennant never had a problem looking adorable)

    1. I don’t think the Dalek was *suppose* to be chew toy… But then again, I guess for cats everything is a chew toy.

    2. I have a geeky confession to make — I actually have the big dalek sec that listens to your commands and responds. It is so *cool and all my Who friends admire it! It starts up with the dalek heart beat and the eye stock gets pulled out it says “I cannot see” in that panicked dalek voice.

      *cool redefined to be sort of dorky but exciting

  7. I want a feline Tardis! That is so cool. Which means I need a cat and a larger apartment, and my better half’s assent, but it looks so great she won’t be able to say no.

    I live on the continent, and only discovered the show late, with the Tennant episodes, when the BBC channels became available here. I got hooked right away. I’ve never seen any of the older ones, I know some are available on DVD. Anyone willing to recommend some good old doctors #1 to #8 episodes?

    1. “City of Death”. Doctor #4, Lalla Ward as his companion, Douglas Adams at the helm, lots of running around Paris, and six Mona Lisas. It doesn’t get much more fun than that.

      1. Yes, they are, I found all three on sale online. Thank you to both of you. Now I know what to get myself as a birthday present. Cat and feline Tardis will be next…

  8. First 2 pics are the actors who played the Doctor not in character. Left is Tom Baker (Dr #4); right is David Tennant (Dr #10).
    Second refers to S3E10 “Blink” where the Doctor fights the ’Weeping Angels’ (Dr # 10 David Tennant)
    Third is a reference to Matt Smith (Dr #11 and current Doctor) whose ever-changing wardrobe includes whatever sartorial splendor he feels is ‘cool’. The fez in this episode became ‘uncool’ when it exploded. (S5E13)
    Forth refers to S1E9 and 10 where the Doctor (Christopher Ecceleston Dr # 9) battles the Gas-Mask zombies.
    Fifth is from S2E1 & S3E3 with a hospital run by half alien cats 1n New New York on New Earth.
    Next is a cat eating a Dalek
    And the last is a TARTIS just for cats, which my daughter says we must build one for my cat

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