Talks at Purdue tomorrow and Thursday

April 16, 2013 • 6:15 am

A reminder: this Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be giving two talks at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana: a research seminar on Wednesday and the John S. Karling Distinguished Lecture (announcement here) on Thursday afternoon.

The research seminar, “Two flies on an island: Speciation in Drosophila,”will be on Wednesday, April 17, 3:30 pm in MJIS 1001 (Biomedical Research Auditorium).

The Big Karling Talk is at 3:30 p.m on April 18, with a reception at 3 p.m.  Books won’t be on sale, so if you want yours signed (and there will be time for that), please bring your own. And if you want a cat drawn in your book, you must say the secret word, which in this case is “Felidae” (make sure you pronounce it properly).

Professor Ceiling Cat heads to Indiana

One thought on “Talks at Purdue tomorrow and Thursday

  1. If you have time, cross the river into Lafayette and try a soft serve cone, chocolate is my preference, at The Frozen Custard. It is near Columbian Park. I remember it from my child hood as the best soft serve I’ve ever had, and it did not disapoint last summer when I went back. Culinarily, there’s not much else to recommend, unless you like peanut butter on your hamburger.

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