14 thoughts on “Cat versus machine

  1. Summer-the-little-stripey-cat used to be fascinated by the DVD-drawer too and hit it with one or other paw until it went away. Then a year ago she quit cold turkey and hasn’t bothered with it again. Another defeated enemy I guess.

  2. I’m always impressed by the punching power of cats. There is a declawed tortoisehell cat next door and she has driven off strange cats (including my one when she has trespassed) and even a couple of dogs that had got loose, all with the power of her punches. As she is of the ‘Hey, I love you! Grr, I HATE you!’ personality type, I can attest to the strength, and speed, of her punches.

  3. Amazing paw speed, reminds me of the video with a cat and a snake, every time the snake tries to strike, the cat bops it on the head with its paw. It’s terrifying, but the cat wins with seeming ease.

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