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  1. I love the name of the boat.

    Anoesis definition, a state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content.


      1. + 1 more! Danae is my favourite cartoon character.

        Btw, I already saw the ‘walking on water’ cartoon and thought it was funny, it never occurred to me to wonder ‘how Wiley gets away with it’. He’s done many equally risque cartoons e.g this one http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2013/01/24

        or this

        But then I live in a far less religious country, one where a vicar can put this up

        (Hope these don’t embed)

  2. I have observed a person walking on water. We were collecting killifish in borrow pits along a road in the Venezuelan llanos. We was me and a couple of dedicated USA aquarists.

    I went to a new borrow pit. There was a spectacled caiman nest there. I looked around and decided that there was enough vegetation sticking up out of the water that I would see the guardian female in plenty of time.

    One of my friends came over, and I decided not to say anything about the caiman. To make a long story short, He discovered a log in the water and stood on the log to look around. The log did not like this, and threw him off, giving him a good whack with her tail. He picked himself up and ran about 15 yards ON TOP OF THE WATER before he stopped and hit himself on the chest to get his heart restarted.

    I was closely observing and I would testify to a what I saw in a Court of Law.

    1. Next thing you’ll be telling me that pigs can fly perfectly well, given a sufficiently high initial thrust at an appropriate angle to the local horizontal.

    2. Anyone remember the crocodile stunt from the James Bond movie Live and Let Die (not one of the better Bonds, btw). I thought it was obviously faked, but no, what I didn’t realise is, they did it FOR REAL.

      What I want to know is, how did they get the crocs lined up like that?

        1. The crocs’ legs were weighted down. It was still very dangerous though, the stuntman had to wear shoes like Moore’s and you can see him slip just before he makes it to the bank.

        2. It’s the links to videos that are likely to embed but not the links to other content like the comics that you linked to above.

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          So for the video you linked to above you might include this when entering text in the comment box:

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          FOR REAL

          Hope I did that correctly and I hope it helps 🙂


          You can probably just post the link to the video without the “http://” part and I think it won’t embed the video.

          1. Thanks, I’ll try to remember that. What fooled me was the inconsistency between WP’s treatment of links to HTML pages and links to videos.

  3. I hit a crocodile windsurfing at Port Essington in 1980, and flew over the front of the board.
    I did not get wet as I was in the water for nanoseconds…..sorry no witnesses.

    1. I stepped on a forest caiman once in Amazonia. It was laying in mud in the path and I didn’t see it. I stepped on its head, and it didn’t react at all, just squished down deeper into the mud….

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