26 thoughts on “Bro cats?

  1. After being amused, I noticed that both cats are using only their right paws to move the bowl.

    Is handedness a feature of cats?

    1. Yes, cats often show preference for one paw; my last cat was right-pawed. You can test this by putting a treat into a small open can (repeatedly of course) and seeing which paw they use to remove it.

    2. And of anti-cats? We must extend the Large Hadron Catllider to investigate the parity conservation (or not) of Schrodinger’s favourite experimental felines.

  2. They could have put down 2 bowls.

    Although with our crew, even that always doesn’t work, the big 20lb male sometimes pushes one of the females away from her bowl.

    So now I give him 2 bowls of his own, that seems to work.

  3. That’s hilarious! I kept waiting for the bowl to tip over.

    Both of my kittehs are right-pawed, especially when drinking from a dripping faucet.

        1. According to the steve oberski theory, it would be because there are a lot more males in the Southern Hemisphere.

  4. “I don’t think it’s a case of altruistic sharing of fudz.”

    Too true. Although utterly adorable I note that they aren’t pushing the food to each other but grabbing it for themselves over and over. But then, that isn’t much different from dinner with my family… 🙂

  5. I have one cat that does this.

    One funny use case: when I’m out of town and a catsitter feeds him, he hides under the bed…the catsitter puts the bowl down next to the bed…a paw comes out, hooks the bowl, and pulls it under.

    we can’t get him to push out the empty though

  6. It looks like sharing but what they don’t show is a few seconds after the clip ends that the paw pulling the bowl becomes the paw slapping the bowl-stealer across the face.

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