This just in: Monopoly creates new tokens you can vote for, including a CAT

January 9, 2013 • 11:48 am

Hot news: Hasbro is updating its Monopoly tokens, and you can vote some down and others up if you go here.  Here’s your selection for new tokens:

Picture 1

You know what to do. Generations of children to come will be playing with your choice.  Really, do you want them to play with helicopters or diamond rings?

Just look at that cute moggie!

And Butter cat, you can engage, too.

h/t: Graham

32 thoughts on “This just in: Monopoly creates new tokens you can vote for, including a CAT

    1. Listen, it can’t be “Go” all the time.

      I’d played so much Monopoly by the time I was 12, business school was superfluous.

      1. Listen, it can’t be “Go” all the time.

        true … you can vary it with a little hnefatafl if you so desire. (Did I spell that right? And are there any Viking warriors around to correct me if I didn’t?)
        Ha ha, but serious : when Aberdeen still had a Go club, we had discussed hnefatafl as a possible alternative use of the boards and stones.

      2. No, but they could play Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ingenious, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride, Formula D, Formula Motor Racing, Airlines Europe.

        I could go on, there are over 4000 games that are better than Monopoly.

    1. I am on FaceBook (how I found out about my friend’s recent death ; probably not a ‘first’), but I distrust the general level of information that FB collects, so I’ll not be participating.

  1. A cat would definitely be a poor choice. Move it 3 places and tell it to stay? I don’t think so. It would be playing with the thimble the whole game. I’d have to go with the robot, at least you can control them (for now).

    1. OK, but what are all of you willing to get rid of? If the “replace” vote has no clear loser, they might not bother to change?

  2. Sorry; I went to vote for cat but could not move my cursor past the robot.
    Honestly, if I were to see a Monopoly set with this robot token, I would buy it on the spot. I might buy two so I could have two robots to play the game with.

        1. The robot connects with me on a visceral level- the Transformy things do not. I guess I’m too old to appreciate them

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