Caturday felids: treadmill cat and a honking big cat

December 8, 2012 • 5:01 am

There are a fair number of treadmill cats on YouTube, but this is the first one I’ve seen in which the owner runs along with her human.  The YouTube notes identify both:

The author of the video and the owner of an amazing cat Lyusya is Marina Panikhina.

And here’s an astonishingly large cat—a Maine coon cat, of course. Meet Rupert from Australia:

Rupert 1

As MSNBC notes:

Check out the photo gallery above; you can that see Rupert is no ordinary cat. Weighing in at a staggering 20 pounds, the feline is only 2 years old and is expected to pack on another 11 pounds before he’s fully grown, which would make him one of the world’s biggest cats. With three Australian “Cat of the Year” awards under his flea collar, this big boy has loads of street (and stage) cred. Although his owner boasts of his “magnificent, wild look,” we wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley — he’ll be the size of an adult bobcat when he’s grown. But chillax: This Maine coon cat is more likely to curl up in the chair next to you than attack.

Moar Rupert:

Rupert 2

h/t: Karl

12 thoughts on “Caturday felids: treadmill cat and a honking big cat

  1. Maine Coons are monstrous beasts, but in defense of the bobcat (Go Wildcats!), the bobcat is far more likely to retreat than to attack, so much so that if a bobcat attacks a person I’d bet that they were harassing the cat. Sure the beast may eat your chickens (who doesn’t like chicken?), but they don’t like to hang around humans.

  2. Is it true that Maine Coons don’t live as long as most cats? Great Danes have a relatively short life span partly due to their size. Just asking but don’t know for sure.

    1. Several longhaired breeds, including Maine Coons, are more likely than other breeds to develop cardiomyopathy as they age. This has more to do with breed than size. I lost my rescued stray Persian mix to this disease; she was very small (6 pounds) and 15 years old.

      Large cats in general are more susceptible to human-caused health problems such as diabetes, but a proper diet (no grain) can prevent that. I have two male shorthairs, both 18 pounds, who are nearly 12 years old and very strong and healthy despite a rough start in life as strays.

  3. I’ll have to say from my own personal experiences with Maine Coons, they are HUGE but are the sweetest cats you will ever meet. VERY affectionate, but it’s weird since they are so freakin’ big, lol. That one is big but I’ve seen some about that size. Of course those were full grown, this one is still growing!!

  4. I think Rupert already is within the standard size variation of bobcats. Bobcats aren’t exactly huge.

    A cougar / mountain lion / puma / any of the other half-dozen names that refer to the tawny feline apex predator of the Americas…they get to be a pretty good size, but even they aren’t huge. They’re about the same height as wolves and greyhounds, but the cats are a lot more solid. Certainly better armed….



  5. I’m curious as to why the majority of cat videos featured here are always in Russian. Does Jerry have specifically Russian sources for them (perhaps some helpful readers)? Or is there just an enourmous quantity of cat videos coming out of Russia which makes it likely that any randomly selected cat video on the internet will be Russian language?

  6. That was too large of a “cat” cat for me, as the owner appears cuter!

    But as “bobcat”, certainly.

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