Addendum: cat contest

December 4, 2012 • 3:51 am

As I mentioned a few days ago, if you can make your own LOLcat (from your own cat) with a piece of paper and a good photo, you might win an autographed book. Deadline for submitting photos is Jan. 1.

You need not make your cat into a bucktoothed cat. Be creative.  The bucktoothed cat I showed was only an example, and there are other ways to be creative (see below). However, you must show part of your cat’s face. And no costumes! (This is getting more complicated than I envisioned.)

Now get busy!

Only an example!
Only an example!



18 thoughts on “Addendum: cat contest

      1. “Under the B-12. . . .let’s all play dominoes. . . .” Never mind, that’s an old joke. Somehow it just seems wrong that the Pope twitters. Surely a Cardinal does it for him?

  1. This is great motivation to get a cat. As if one needed any more motivation. Cats are the best. Now if only I didn’t live with an allergic roommate…

  2. I have been very busy this morning making entries for this contest, and what I’ve found is that cats do not think this is amusing. In the 1/64th of a second between the time I press the button for the perfect shot and the camera actually takes the shot, an average cat (data based on four cats) can hop a bus to Cleveland and have time to send a postcard.

    But I shall persevere.

    One thing that does occur to me – and which probably will occur to all serious entrants – is that posting the photos as they come in might be a bit counterproductive, and might lead to (gasp) copying of ideas, AKA cheating. Personally, I would much prefer the suspense of waiting, secure in the knowledge that my puny efforts are utter crap.

  3. None of the neighborhood cats will sit still long enough for me to embarrass them in the suggested fashion, and the pot-bellied pig who lives next door responded by eating my first attempt.

    It looks like I’m going to have to bow out of this one.

    1. Try putting some noms on the back of your finger holding the paper smile as you hold it in front of ton chaton.

  4. How to photobomb your cat:

    1. Prepare your props.
    2. Don’t tell the cat.
    3. Pretend you have never even heard about this competition.
    4. Act natural.
    5. Whistle innocently to yourself and go about your business.
    6. Continue cat-pampering-and-adoration regime as scheduled.
    7. Rock kitty to sleep in preferred method dictated by aforementioned feline previously.
    8. Wait til cat nods off.
    9. Spring into action to hatch your fiendish plan. But – and I cannot stress this enough – QUIETLY.
    10. Voila!

  5. I don’t know the target market for “Aber[crombie]? & F[its]” in the third photo, but is that beeping sound my alarm clock, or my “Gaydar” going off big-styleee?
    I haven’t figured out, by observation, if the company mis-spelled above are trying to sell straight clothes to gay people, or vice versa. But I think that their marketing department are being spectacularly unsuccessful at defining, or appealing to, their market.
    Or, do I fail to understand “marketing”? I equate it with lieing, but is that wrong?

  6. Try to get as close to f22 on your camera as you can if the cat is in the background. That way, kitteh will be in focus also.

  7. Where exactly do we send our submission? My daughter has taken this contest to heart. The cats wish she didn’t.

    1. Just google “Jerry Coyne University of Chicago” and you’ll get my work email address.

      Look forward to seeing your daughter’s submission!

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