We have a winner!

December 1, 2012 • 4:45 am

Now that I’ve returned, I can award a free autographed and cat-illustrated copy of WEIT to a randomly-selected reader who reported joining the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

And. . . the winner is LAUREN, who left a terse message:

Picture 4

So Lauren, please email me with your contact information so I can get your book out.

By the way, the competition induced many readers to join this worthy organization, and I not only received emails of thanks from FFRF co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, but Dan also sent me an autographed copy of his wonderful book Godless, illustrated with a hand-drawn dog (a “barker”)!

Thanks to all who joined, furthering secularism in the U.S.

8 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. I see that, truly, the end is upon us. All that’s left is the mass hysteria!

    Regardless, thanks to Lauren and all the rest for helping to make the work a little more godless (and, thereby, perhaps, to help stave off the end by at least a wee little bit).



  2. Autographed copy of WEIT: Feynman diagram, Heisenberg equation, dihedral group, action integral in GR—c’est mignon pour un site web.

  3. Next time I see Prof. Dawkins, I will demand a drawing in at least one of the books he’s signed for me…the slacker.

  4. Congrats, Lauren!

    Also, anyone who hasn’t read Godless should definitely do so! Barker’s a wonderful writer, and there’s a great intro by Dawkins, to boot. (Now if only I could work cats in…)

  5. Thanks! I didn’t know much about the FFRF before reading the WEIT post, but I support its mission and look forward to getting more involved!

  6. There is a local company called Bark King (they sell barks and garden mulches). Their trucks have a pic of a dog barking. Sort of conflicts with their actual product, but cute nonetheless.

    1. For some reason that reminds me of a funny annecdote in Godless about Dan & Annie Laurie playing around with potential merged surnames for their daughter . . .

      Don’t want to give it away here!

  7. Thanks Jerry for supporting FFRF. I’ve been a reader of your website for 3 years (thoroughly enjoy it) and a member of FFRF for 7 yrs. I’m so proud of the work FFRF does and now it’s great to have you involved as well. Happy Solstice!

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